Cross Media Consultant

Cross Media Consultancy recognizes that the key driver to success in business is the cultivation of a loyal customer-base and the growth in revenue that this naturally achieves. The only way to acquire and retain these loyal customers is by developing a progressive communications-based relationship with them. This doesn’t mean simply sending them a newsletter once a month, or ongoing outbound marketing!

Phooday Founder

In one way or another I have been surfing the Internet for the majority of my life, and have a strong affinity with technology and how it can be used. I regularly put my hand in and develop sites for others or myself – both for charity and for profit. Some of these are more successful than others (but that is apart of the process).

My latest venture is, a community based website for like-minded individuals to undertake photography projects such as a photo every day, or 365 Project.


For the past few years, I have been progressively getting back into my photography. I was one of these kids that had a?fascination with his dad’s shiny SLR camera, but was only allowed to hold it occasionally. This was enough to stick with me, and a few years I brought myself a DSLR camera, and haven’t looked back since.

My progress has been helped by undertaking a 365 project for the past few years – a rigorous regime of taking and blogging a photo every day for a year, and the photo has to be taken that day! Wish was the catalyst to

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