My son is now starting to independently surf the Internet on his own (admitted on a PC in a public place) but knowing the Internet like I do, I still worry. Having turned on Parental Control in Vista – I am consisently regretting it as it now asks to authorise every page and turn – which is madness. 

So whilst I continue in removing Vista from my Home network – I explored a few ideas about how to make the place safer – and I stumbled across which is a simple solution to what could be a huge problem.
With roughly 5 computers, wireless links, and internet enabled games console securing the lot was a snip – quite simply reconfigure your ADSL router to use OpenDNS’s DNS servers, and then create an account at OpenDNS and turn on the filtering option!
Now, as all the devices on my network route traffic and requests through my ADSL router (as they should) my router is now using OpenDNS to resolve and check the domain names against a set of criteria. So now purposely attempting to visit returns an OpenDNS blocking page any any device. 
Beautiful and yet simple!
Well done OpenDNS!