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Xerox Ice – a Shining Example of Smart Customer Engagement using XMPie

Recently we’ve been working on a project with Xerox UK to enhance their customer communications when inviting customers into the Xerox UK Showrooms. Previously there was no real formal engagement process and it was left in the hands of the Xerox sales person to book the demonstration and then communicate back with the customer both prior to and after the event. This typically resulted in brand-inconsistent communications going out to customers attracting them to Xerox’s premier locations across the UK.

The Xerox ICE project introduces a new innovative and creative approach to this issue and makes excellent and full use of XMPie to achieve an interactive and compelling customer experience. In essence as soon as a sales person enters the customer’s details XMPie is utilized to create, send and deliver all the communication to the customer; some will attend some will cancel. However every customer receives timely, relevant and personalised communications via email, RURL, SMS and print both prior to their demonstration and after the customer returns to their desk.

This customer communication campaign is an excellent example of what I am calling the ‘See/Saw’ effect within an interactive campaign. Essentially prior to the demonstration the campaign materials and website are all talking about what the customer will see on the day – and then after the event has passed any subsequent communication will talk about what the customer saw on the day. From one set of data, one set of business rules and one set of templates (print, email, SMS and web) the campaign is creating timely and relevant communication.

“ICE gives us a professional communications campaign based on complex logic.  Critically using XMPie Personal Effect we were able to make it simple to access […]

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Going on holiday – make sure that you have everything covered.

Hopefully; if you are like me you have a holiday booked this year then you will no doubt be counting down the days until you leave. What you probably haven’t done (if you are like me!) is booked all the extras and firmed up on the arrangements – they tend to get down in the panic stages prior to departing.  Even if you aren’t counting down the days, but instead shopping around for a break – then don’t forget the extras. Things like travel insurance, airport parking suitcase and other accessories.

So why not take a few moments and get them ticked off now:

Airport Parking

If you are planning on driving to the airport; then always leave you car in the hands of someone that is reputable. After seeing various programs on TV about smaller companies abusing your precious cars after leaving them in their hands – I always head for the large companies to leave me car with. With all the times that I have travelled aboard I have never had any issues.

One of my favorite companies has to be Holiday Extras who is the UK market leader for airport parking, airport hotels and airport lounges.
BCP is another inexpensive, convenient and there is a package to suit all needs.
My final recommendation for Airport Parking is Purple Parking who also cover 50 airports across the UK.

Start your Holiday a day earlier and more relaxed.

Holiday Extras also do great deals on Airport Hotels – essentially starting you holiday a day early by staying in a hotel close to the airport. Prices also include the cost of leaving your car at the hotel for the duration of the stay and free travel to and from the hotel.

Travelling […]

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10 Common Mistakes when creating a Cross Media Campaign

Most of us would’ve heard the term, “Cross Media Marketing” – probably within the media; or bantered about in the press. “Cross Media Marketing” is after all just a buzz word. What is it though? Do we actually understand it and are organisations actually using it properly?

Let’s firstly start with what “Cross Media Marketing” is not. It’s not a product, it’s not something that comes in a box and you start using and it’s not something that is the same for everyone. “Cross Media Marketing” is a strategy, an idea, a way of communicating with your audience in a way that uses multiple medias in a consistent and meaningful way. In many cases this strategic approach to marketing and customer communications publishing leads to higher response rates, and greater levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. At the end of the day – if I trust an organisation and believe that they actually know who I am and what I am interested in then I am more likely to continue to do business with them.

However getting it right within the “Cross Media Marketing” domain is not easy. Traditionally creating a cross media marketing campaign involves using data and campaign intelligence; across multiple mediums to maximise the campaign experience and relevance – no easy task for many. What’s also interesting is that a successful cross media campaign will do more just ‘use’ multiple medias, it will use the appropriate media to deliver a consistent experience across all touch points in the campaign.
10 Common mistakes
So in my opinion what are the common mistakes that organisations make when creating and deployment a cross media marketing campaign?
Failing to integrate
A cross media marketing campaign does not start and end with a […]

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