Seems odd doesn’t it? We almost get into the habit of companies chasing us for our business. We become so accustomed to receiving communications from companies, even if we did once request it and we have not really been looking at it since. I think that it takes a brave marketer to effect a change – however it seemed to have worked.

I received one of the most powerful pieces of personalised communications today. It wasn’t trying to sell me something and it wasn’t some ground breaking piece that used 6 different mediums and multiple touch-points. It was a single email, personalised simply and it would’ve normally paled into insignificance. However this piece was different …


The ‘WhatTheyThink’ Newsletter arrives in my inbox daily – and some days I look at it and some days I have to admit that it goes straight into the bin. Which is a shame, as the WhatTheyThink content is normally pretty good. Maybe too much of a good thing huh. Anyway, the words, “Goodbye from WhatTheyThink” struck a cord.

I have to admit that I thought that they were going bankrupt at first – but that was not the case…


WhatTheyThink were dumping me! They were actually going to stop sending me things! They were being conscious about cluttering up my inbox – which is the contextual equivalent of the infamous line, “It’s not you, it’s me!”.

Eric Vessels was personally dumping me. Wow!

I’m sure if it was male pride, a hurt ego or a re-vitalised interested in WhatTheyThink, but you know what?

I clicked on that link, and updated my profile bloody sharpish. I’m not having no Eric Vessels, COO of WhatTheyThink dumping me!

It got me thinking though – it’s a brave and wise tactic. Let’s look in our database and extract out all the customers whom haven’t responded to one of our communications, and let’s go out and tell them that we are stopping. It’s a win-win situation. You either win because your reduced the size of your database by removing those that have no immediate interest in you or you win because you have just reaffirmed that the people in your database are actually interested and want to hear from you.

So, if your marketing campaign is failing, and your database is full of hangers-on; then go out and tell them that you are leaving them – and see what reply you get!