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Decor1988’s poor after-sales care can so quickly undo an outstanding reputation.

It really is a shame that company bosses can take such a poor attitude to after-sales customer service in today’s market of high-expectations and fickle customers.Viral and verbal marketing is everything – and ensuring that customers want to talk about your product and service is probably more important that the product or service in the first place.

Even when the product of service is outstanding – if the after-sale care that you receive is below par it can easily destroy all the good work done. Let me give you an example:

Several months ago we purchased a kitchen from Decor1988 – after a long time searching for a kitchen. Decor’s attitude to pre-sales was very friendly, no, outstanding – which was a pleasant change given other high-street names that we had spoken to.

Decor1988 fitters were also outstanding – as a team nothing was too much problem. They were excellent at what they did, and how they fitted the kitchen. They even went the extra mile (on several occasions) to fix areas of the kitchen that were seemingly not under their control – such as replacing unlevel plaster-work so as to ensure that the finish was perfect!

We were so impressed that we immediately recommended them to others – and one of our neighbours even had their kitchen refitted on the back of the work that was done in our house!

However since the kitchen has been completed we are now in that period of post-sales customer service care; that so many companies let fail them. Decor1988 seem to have fallen into this trap as well.

We had to wait weeks for a several parts that had either not turned up, were incorrect or had been originally damaged – and we […]

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