I, at some point in my life (or it could’ve been my wife!) I expressed an interest in a Boden catalogue. But since then – I’ve had no interest really in the catalogue or the products.

Recently though they seem to be spending me more catalogues than normal! I’ve had two now through the door in as many weeks. The previous one caught my eye as it carried the heading, “Have we done something wrong?” – which was interesting as it obviously recognised the fact that I had not put any business their way in recent months (or ever!) – but was strange attempt at being personal.

The one that I received one carries the heading, “Am I on the naughty step?” – and half of me thinks, “Yes you are – for sending me this in the first place”.

Why produce, print and send a several hundred page catalogue (even if it is on recycled paper!) when I have not given you ANY business and the previous tactic in sending me a brochure didn’t work either?


Please God, marketers stop doing this. Stop producing mass marketing, with some strange attempt at making it personal. Boden I have a sneaky suspicion that you could’ve saved a load of money by producing a simple direct mail piece carrying the same campaign – but making it actually personal. This way, there would’ve been no need to print the whole brochure – you could’ve given me a personalised website or asked me to contact you if I was actually interested in receiving the brochure. Then once you know that I am interested again – and it’s relevant – you could print and send the brochure.

Nice campaign, poor execution I am afraid!