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XMPie uEdit Demo in 7 minutes

XMPie’s uEdit is an online, flash based template editor for XMPie documents.
uEdit is completely integrated into uStore, XMPie’s solution for rapid deployment of branded, e-commerce enabled,online stores without involving programmers. uEdit extends uStore’s document ordering and customization features by allowing real-time, remote template design editing.
What is also great about uEdit is that is can be used as a standalone tool within a custom developed application. Combined with XMPie’s API and programming tools it becomes easy to create, edit and compose custom-made personalised documents.

This screencast introduces you to a fictional real-estate example. In this example you are able to select a template, upload and manage images that the user wishes to use. Then edit the template by editing the text, images and styles. Once the template is complete yu can upload the recipient data and produce the final PDF for downloading.

For more information take a look at XMPie’s website ( Thanks to Tim Perrett for recording the screencast.
Full disclosure: At the time of writing this article the author was employed by XMPie, a Xerox Company.

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Twitter Hacked

Seems like the hub of the social network, Twitter was Hacked last night. For a small period of time the site was defaced with an image claiming to have been the work of the Iranian Cyber Army.

At least the group claiming responsibility left an email address. I am guessing that they might have a few email awaiting them this morning, eh?

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One Man, a remote phone box and some ingenious marketing

Who says that marketers are not looking for innovative and viral ways of spreading their message? It might just be me, but this has to be a carefully orchestrated stunt by the folks at Skype.

They cunningly seem to have taken one person (Rob. Maybe a disgruntled Skype employee?) and dumped him by a remote phone box in the south of Spain, with only a ringtone for company.

His website points you to Skype call his phone box and chat, as well as having a live video link from his little home on a hill.

It reminds me of the first series of Big Brother and the fact that my human curiosity seems be pulling me to watch. Why I am watching some bloke, sat on a hill talking to others on a phone 24/7 is beyond me. Maybe something will happen soon!

Today he seems to be plagued by “Drop-Caller-Man”. Who could that be, might there be a storyline emerging? Mind you after 10 days out there (8 of which he has been online) he doing alright!

Considering the fact that he is wearing a radio microphone, and the video stream is better than you would expect I can almost imagine a crew of people sat behind the camera in relative luxury whilst Rob ‘roughs’ it out on the floor.

Check it out for yourself at

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