Who says that marketers are not looking for innovative and viral ways of spreading their message? It might just be me, but this has to be a carefully orchestrated stunt by the folks at Skype.

They cunningly seem to have taken one person (Rob. Maybe a disgruntled Skype employee?) and dumped him by a remote phone box in the south of Spain, with only a ringtone for company.

His website points you to Skype call his phone box and chat, as well as having a live video link from his little home on a hill.

It reminds me of the first series of Big Brother and the fact that my human curiosity seems be pulling me to watch. Why I am watching some bloke, sat on a hill talking to others on a phone 24/7 is beyond me. Maybe something will happen soon!

Today he seems to be plagued by “Drop-Caller-Man”. Who could that be, might there be a storyline emerging? Mind you after 10 days out there (8 of which he has been online) he doing alright!

Considering the fact that he is wearing a radio microphone, and the video stream is better than you would expect I can almost imagine a crew of people sat behind the camera in relative luxury whilst Rob ‘roughs’ it out on the floor.

Check it out for yourself at http://phoneboxexperiment.com/