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Cross Media – Moving from What to Why

I’ve had some very interesting conversations with both existing XMPie customers and prospects over the past few weeks and a question has been playing on my mind, “What’s harder, selling Cross Media Campaigns or implementation them?”

Some have spoken about the fact that actually delivering a cross media campaign is the hardest element; whilst others have struggled in actually selling it to to their customers. The vast majority of commercial printers that now have the capability to deliver these types of highly relevant and interactive cross media campaigns; seem to struggle with actually selling the concept into their customers. Some are happy to continually take large quantities of print volume with the relatively small profit margins that they deliver – whilst ignoring the vast amount of additional opportunity that exists in these accounts. Other commercial printers seem to struggle to engage the right people, bring them to the table and move the conversation from ‘product’ to ‘value’. In today’s marketplace it is all about selling the value, linking all the elements together. In comparison talking to some marketing agencies they struggle with actually delivering the concept in a timely and ‘joined up’ fashion.

So here’s my top 5 observations:

You need to engage the right people – cross media campaigns do not sit with the print-buyer. Engaging at a senior marketing or brand level is critical. It’s a high level sell, that potentially involves multiple budgets and multiple people. You need to identify these people and get them all around a table and get the buy-in to move forward.
You need to sell value, not product – a cross media campaign should not be a product sell in the same way print can be. Integrated cross media campaigns tend […]

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Palm WebOS 1.4.1 hits UK

Palm hasn’t been doing particularly well recently, with failing shipments – which is a crying shame, and something partially to do with their marketing team I feel, especially when users are creating better adverts than they are.

However the 1.4 made some excellent updates and now 1.4.1 has arrived in the UK, which adds the support for Paid Apps to be purchased from the Palm App Catalog. Hopefully this will help fuel developers to create more apps for this excellent device.

It’s also reported that 1.4.1 also enables Mobile Hotspot for O2 customers. Mobile Hotspot can be downloaded from the Pre App Catalog and supports secure WPA/WPA2 connections for up to five devices, with a range claimed to extend out to 50 meters.

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