Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in an online conference with over 230 people from all over the world. I was there presenting about how leveraging social media with a cross-media campaign can really be very effective.

Unfortunately we had some issues in the call logistics, which meant that some people were not able to attend – but we also had a number of groups sharing connections to listen. So the final number will be a lot higher I think. Either way, it was a pleasure to present this topic to our customers and business partners.

For those that were not able to attend the call, we will be communicating out the recording so there’s always a chance to watch it.

During the presentation I didn’t focus on what social media is, more on the opportunities that it presents when used creatively within a cross-media campaign. I focussed briefly on why this is such an important topic from the marketer’s perspective, and I referenced in several places an interesting report by Forresters.

[message type=”info”]The report that I reference was done by Forresters back in April 2010. There is also a very interesting infographic that was produced using the data.[/message]

In my mind there are three distinct areas in which social media can be used:

  • Using social media as a broadcast medium to extend the reach of a cross-media campaign;
  • Using social media as a way of actually acquiring new customers directly into a cross-media campaign;
  • and integrating social media and cross-media campaigns together so they both add value.

Each level offers different advantages and opportunities for both the providers and the marketers. Each level demands an increase in the skills that you need to build these campaigns. However the higher the level of integration, the higher the rewards and return on marketing investment. Looking around the marketplace already there are companies that are starting to offer this integrated approach to marketing, and the rewards are obvious (well to me!).

Have no fear, social media is not going away, nor is cross media marketing. They will, and should come together to drive results and customer interaction.

Over the coming weeks I am planning on adding some more detail to these levels, and give you some ideas of how they can be used in the real-world. So check back in soon. If you have already been using social media within your cross-media campaigns then please share it with me. I am always after good examples.

[message type=”info”]Full disclosure: At the time of writing this article the author was employed by XMPie, a Xerox Company. [/message]