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Monthly Archives: June 2011

#13 – A Chocolate Hobnob Sort of Day

Today is most definitely a chocolate Hobnob sort of day. Why? Well firstly I am working at home which gives unashamedly easy access to the biscuit cupboard (no other excuse needed!), but more importantly today is the last day in the sales quarter for me. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that all the stress is on to get every last order into the system before the close of business today. No pressure then. This normally equates to numerous phone calls, emails and skype chats throughout the day. So, copious amounts of coffee will be consumed today – and what better biscuit to accompany them than the old favorite, “The Chocolate Hobnob!”. You can be guaranteed that this package will be empty very soon!

#12 – Calendar Overload

Today was a lesson in calendar management. Too many and too many in different locations and formats. Missed entries and double bookings caused some stresses today that I could’ve done without.

#11 – The Blue Screen of Time Wasting

Today has been a bit of a wash-out productivity wise! Seems like I have an intermittent issue with my email on my work’s laptop, which doesn’t help when you have a busy day. So, uninstalling, configuring, testing, installing service packs and remote diagnostic sessions ensued for most of the day. So quite obviously I haven’t been far from the laptop today, so here’s what I have been looking at for most of the day!

#10 – Double figures for me and the flowers

Well, 10 days in and going strong. I haven’t missed a day yet, or had to retrospectively post for a day forgotten – this is an achievement. What is another achievement (in my eyes, and those that know me!) is the fact that I have managed to sustain a purchased plant’s life for more than a week! This shot is of a plant that brought some several months ago, and is still alive and in bloom. I have actually checked it on more than several occasions to make sure that it is not plastic!

#9 – Strawberries and Picnics


Today was hot and sunny so a lazy picnic was called for. Of course what symbolizes summer more than strawberries? Foremark reservoir has an abundance of photo opportunities – but I thought that this shot seemed to sum up the day more than the others. I might use some of the other shots I took if I am struggling later on during this project!

#8 – Shopping at Ikea


Today saw me dragging Rachael around Ikea on the hunt for furniture for the lounge. Not much opportunity for photos, so grabbed a few whilst walking around. This afternoon has been flat-pack hell, so I though Rachael should have the choice of the photo for today. So here you go, a shot of some blue glasses, with the colour tweaked in Photoshop.

#7 – Angel of the North


Well, it’s been a hectic week; Bristol, London and now Newcastle! Certainly getting the mileage up on the car that’s for sure.

It was an early start this morning, with a trip up to Newcastle. Luckily, I was making good time so was able to stop along the way and visit the Angel of the North. Having seen it several times on my way past, I thought I would tale the opportunity to actually stop and take a look. It’s certainly very impressive. I took a few set of HDR photos, of which this is my favorite. A bit more abstract that than the normal ones I had seen.

#6 – Going Underground


Today sees me travelling around the depths of London’s underground, seemingly popping up to the surface briefly for some fresh air, before returning to the depths again.

This seems to be the normal run of things when I am in London for client meetings..

Travel in on the train,
straight into the underground,
up to surface,
back below ground,
repeat, get on the train and travel home!

This picture seemed fitting today – and I only had my iPhone with me as well.

#5 – Historic Bristol Docks


Today found me heading to Bristol for a customer meeting, so on the way back I headed via the historic docks in Bristol for the picture of the day. Although it’s home of SS Great Britain there wasn’t enough time to take the tour, so a few photos of the docks it was. This was the photo that my son decided on being the best, so this is the one for today.

The last few days photos have been done using HDR photography, which is something new to me at this point but it is producing some interesting results.


#4.1 The first day of Summer, Part II

Whilst going through the photos for today I came across this one, and I couldn’t resist throwing it away. Considering that I am making up my own rules for this Project 365, if I want to post two posts for one day, then so be it!. Again, this was taken in a field outside Rosliston, Swadlincote, Derbyshire.