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#44 – The aftermath of the battle

Sunny Sunday afternoon, what’s better than a hard fought water fight? Not much! Supper soakers and water bottles were out and being used in anger this afternoon. Not sure who the winner was, but everyone seemed happy and drenched. Luckily I was chief water filler, so was treated as if I was a Red Cross official, and escaped being shot at! Result.

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#43 – Beyond here there be dragons

Day out at the park with the gang, so not many shots taken today. However I did capture this door in a farm building at the park today which was interesting, if not not an odd thing to find in there.


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#42 – Mr Gaggia is back

I might be a bit of a gadget-freak, but I also have another love which is coffee. My Gaggia espresso maker has pride of place in my kitchen, however for the past few weeks I’ve been missing my frothing-widget which has made it difficult to use. Joy-of-joys, today I received a replacement! Mr Gaggia is back.

This shot is also in respect for the pending visit of my sister this weekend, who would’ve been most disappointed to learn of it’s inability to make a decent coffee!

Anyway, this shot was taken and then tweaked in Photoshop to apply the colour and mask out the cups to make them stand out.

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#41 – iPhone in iPad in Photo Self Portrait


Well, sincere thanks to Guy for suggesting this composition of taking the ‘picture in picture’ concept one stage further! So here we have a picture in a picture in a picture! It took me a while to get it right, and  it’s still a bit rough around the edges. However, without a remote for my camera and some decent lighting, this was never going to be easy! So without the necessary tools to make this easier I turned to PhotoShop and put that to work to create the shot correctly.

This is actually three images layered together, one of my, one of the iPhone and another of the iPad. The hardest part was putting it all together in a way which looks realistic!

Any more suggestions for shots, then leave a comment and I will see what I can do! Actually, it nice to have some direction or suggestions, so please feel free to suggest some.


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#40 – Good intentions but taken hostage by Spiderman

All good intentions of creating a new project shot for today went out the window this afternoon after I was hijacked by Spiderman Monopoly! It’s the dreaded words, “Dad, can we play Monopoly?”. Josh has very kindly brought his Spiderman set with him this afternoon so there was little getting away from it. What was worse? Josh wanted to be the banker, which meant that cheating was out of the question. Yes, I admit it, I cheat at Monopoly when I am the banker ;-)

Will try and complete the project tomorrow.



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#39 – Overseal Past and Present

I thought that I would try something new today. Something that I had been meaning to do for a while. I had seen a few examples of old photos mixed back into recent photos, although I am not sure if there is a name for this type of image or not. Either way, I thought that I would have a go myself! This particular shot is looking North-East down Woodville Road, Overseal towards what is now Conkers ( In this shot you can clearly see the rapid coal loader that was located at the colliery at the time.

I’ve also included a few more shots that I took today in the same style. A big thanks to Mark Knight, local historian for supplying me with the old photos to start with.

From left to right:

Looking South stood on the corner of Woodville Road and Woodlands Road looking towards Hallcroft Avenue. The old taken during one of the Overseal Gala parades.
Looking North East stood on the corner of Burton Road and Coronation Street, looking towards what was Kirby & Sharpe at the time. The photo taken of one of the Overseal Gala floats.
Looking North East stood on the corner of Burton Road and Coronation Street, looking towards what was Kirby & Sharpe at the time. The photo taken of one of the Overseal Gala floats.


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#38 – The Lonely Knocker

I was looking for inspiration today, after working from home, so a walk around the village resulted in walking through the church grounds. My favorite was this door knocker. Personally, I have better pictures of knockers, but ‘she’ wouldn’t let me post them on here ;-)

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#37 – Sunday Brunch

Ahh Sunday brunch .. roast lamb and beef dinner and a pint of beer!

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#36 – Marmite Shrine

This photo is especially for my Sister, who is a devoted Marmite worshiper. This is a shrine to the brown-stuff located in it’s birth town, Burton-upon-trent.

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#35 – TGIF

Thank God, it’s Friday. Bring forth the wine. Simples! Nuff Said.

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