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#104 – Swarkestone Bridge

Another bright, sunny and warm day today – of which I spent the vast majority inside a car showroom, waiting for my car to be MOT’d. So on the way back I decided to stop and grab some shots. This time of Swarkestone Bridge, just south of Derby on the way to Woodville. The weather was good so I managed some nice shots, I believe!

Other shots from today:

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#103 – Money

Simple shot today of a just some of the loose foreign currency that I have around the house, collected over the past year of travelling around. My hope is that at some point, before the notes turn to dust, that it might be worth more than when I first obtained it! Fat chance in today’s economy.


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#102 – Lonely Tree

I pass this tree every time I drive up and down the M42/A42 near Tamworth and I have been meaning to pull over and take a shot for a while. Well, I had the (now charged!) camera with me today, so I did just that. Not 100% happy with the shot, but I was rushing, due to the fact that I was stopped on the hard-shoulder!

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#101 – Getting SMART with Xerox

Today is a day full of presentations at Xerox European Head Quarters in Uxbridge. Didn’t bring the DSLR today (still haven’t charged the battery!!!) so shooting from the iPhone. Just taking 5 minutes whilst someone else is presenting to quickly upload this photo for the day.

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#100 – Sunset to another day

Little chance to catch a shot today and shock-horror the battery on the DSLR was flat as a pancake! Sorry, I appreciate that is a cardinal sin amongst photographers and I should have a spare battery – but I didn’t, so I was left with the iPhone. Hence, this is the best that I could muster!

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#99 – Cooking on Gas

A shot of the simple and mundane today, but made interesting I hope. Whilst my house is relatively full of simple and mundane things (and that’s just me!) I thought that I would get down and close to the gas ring whilst cooking the sausages! As you do.


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#98 – Everything including the garden shed

Another single-point-of-interest shot again today, in amongst a busy morning. This time I was in the middle of trying to sort out the garden shed; which soon got abandoned in favour of doing something more likely to get finished!

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#97 – Square World

I’m losing the traditional rectangle today and going for 1:1 shot. Whilst it might be a square world in here, it’s certainly not outside that’s for sure.

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#96 – Construction Site

It’s all about the perpetual cycle of development and construction today, it’s all around us. I could have of taken a picture of my neighbour digging up the driveway to install a new gate, or several building which are currently undergoing development, but it was cold out so I opted for something a bit more abstract! Hence the kids wooden blocks! Hard core!

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#96 – Pop Colour

Today’s assignment was to inject some colour into the composition to add some ‘pop’ – so here we go, ‘pretty pink’. I also took another shoot, which is a contender for some colour. Not sure which to lead with though, so I used the slippers.

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