As a small personal project, and based on a discussion that I was having with a colleague I’ve spent a few hours pulling together a Quick Response Code (QR Code) campaign today. This little project took me only a few hours, but consists of a complete marketing campaign where my fictitious company ‘greenorange’ are able to create branded marketing material for events. They can hand out the postcards carrying an offer for a money-off coupon, along with a dynamic QR Code. The QR Code, when scanned brings a recipient to a Group URL (GURL) which references the event that the recipient attended, and asks them for their details. The recipient can enter their details, at which point they are taken to a personalised URL (PURL) from where they can click to dynamically create and download their own personalised money-off coupon!

All this is being tracked, so greenorange can see who is scanning what, and who has entered their details and downloaded their money-off coupon!

A complete marketing campaign, based on the intelligent use of QR Codes (rather than just placing static QR Codes on a company’s literature) in under half a working day! Oh, and one that is being tracked in real-time, so the marketing team can see what’s happening, minute by minute.

You know what – this cross media marketing stuff is not that scary, or hard to do when you have an idea and the right tools.

[message type=”info”]Full disclosure: At the time of writing this article the author was employed by XMPie, a Xerox Company. [/message]