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#164 – Professional Photography – My Arse!

Josh and Tilly supposedly had their photograph taken at school a few weeks ago. However I beg to differ with the assumption that this was done by a professional for two reasons. Firstly the photos that we got back seemed badly cropped, with really washed out colours. Secondly, as I decided not to purchase the prints, but the digital image itself, I was expecting a reasonably high resolution image. Alas I was shipped a CD with a single 72dpi image on, taking up a whole 670KB with no embedded info!

Now, I know that I can easily chew up a good 7MB with a high-resolution JPG so I am not best impressed with what you get for £20 these days!

Anyway, after an hour in PhotoShop I believe that I have done the best that I can with what I was supplied. Unfortunately there’s little that I can do about their appearance (bless) but at least they look a bit more human, and have some colour in their cheeks.

Compare the before and after, and see what you think.



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#163 – Long Day, Wine O’Clock

Another long day today! A good day though so it was spent talking to existing and prospective customers, which is always a good thing and a worthwhile use of my time. The traffic and the weather on the way home has horrendous, so I was more than glad to get back home and crack open the wine!

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#162 – Long Day, Comfy Shoes

For a Monday it’s been a long day with numerous meetings, video conference calls and presentations. Thank God for comfy shoes and forgiving traffic!

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#161 – Chocolate Survival

I was struggling today to get a shot to use for this posting, so I decided to use one of the images that I took yesterday at the Good Food Show. This is one that I capture of a chocolate fountain that I have since processed and improved a bit, and quite like now.

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#160 – Good Food Show #bbcgfs

Took a trip down to the NEC today to experience the Good Food Show, as a treat with Rachael. Lots of walking around, tasting the food and wine and getting some shots of the celebs. Mind you by 4pm my legs were killing and I could’ve quite happily collapsed on the floor like these gals!

Anyway – more photo from The Good Food Show today…

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#159 – Am I fifty already?

Oh my God, am I fifty already??? Phew, luckily not! It was only a gift card error! Having picked up the post this morning, I happily started opening the various letters. One felt like a card, looked like a card, and I thought for a moment I had received my first christmas card!

Alas, no. It was e moment tha happy 50th birthday from mum – fortunately not my mum! Someone else’s! Phew!

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#158 – Crimean War Nurse

Today was Crimean War day at school today for Tilly’s class, with a Florence Nightingale themed assembly. So todays photo I thought I would post a picture of Tilly in her Crimean Nurses outfit. We had some ‘discussions’  about the costume  this morning, but I think that we got everything sorted out.

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#157 – Happy Birthday Jack


Happy Birthday Jack – 6 Today! Josh, Tilly and I popped over tonight for some tea and a play before heading off to swimming training with Josh.


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#156 – Early starts and misplaced keys

What a day! Stupidly early start to fly over to Dublin to present at a Xerox Business Event followed by a late afternoon flight back to the UK, only to get to the car and realise that the car keys were not on my person! It’s a deadly sickeningly feeling as the realisation whilst you are stood next to your car and your car keys are nowhere in sight!

Luckily, my faith in humanity was restored a bit, when I managed to convince ground staff to check on board the rapidly turning around RyanAir flight. In a short period of time my keys were returned to me, and I managed to sigh with relief! I think, personally losing your car keys is worse than losing your wallet!

Time to sit down, wine in hand and start breathing again!


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#155 – Passport Palaver

Today saw the need to try and start the process (in earnest) to get a second UK passport to support my possible trips into the middle east. Several phone calls with the passport office, a letter from my employer, and trips to the post office, a photo booth, and a friendly (professional) neighbor later and I might be nearly there. Just a trip to the nearest passport office and a hole in the bank balance to follow.
Oh the joys!

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