It’s not often that your kids ‘actually’ offer to help around the house and in most cases when it’s happened before it’s normally followed by a bartering session about what it’s ‘worth’! However Josh shocked me today by requesting to do some ironing and not following it up with a request for money! It was actually to support his ‘home help’ badge for scouts – but none the less, I should’ve been welcoming it with open arms … instead the thought of my 10 year old with an iron in his hand and one of my shirts at his mercy was not a comforting thought.

I don’t recall a health and safety briefing from my parents when I first picked up an iron, but there was certainly one today. More for the safety of my clothes opposed to Josh I believe šŸ˜‰ Bless him, he did alright! I confess I post-ironed out a few extra creases but it was good. I doubt that I will ever see the sight again, but it was good to see it today.