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#226 – Airports and Swarms

A God early start this morning (4am) with a flight over to Amsterdam for the first of the large pitches this week. It might sound grand, “Oh, I am over in Amsterdam tomorrow!” – but the realization of getting up at 4am, dragging your arse to the airport, smiling sweetly at security, traversing Amsterdam’s train system, sitting through several hours of powerpoint, wowing the customer, racing back to the airport, driving back home in the dark, and collapsing on your sofa at 7:30! Oh yeah, rock and roll.

On the plus, I thank Amsterdam Airport for unlocking the Swarm badge on FourSquare for me! Woop!

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#225 – The Other Side of the Projector

Busy day today, preparing for several presentations and handling a few other issues, but it was interesting to be on the other side of the projector today! I needed to attend a short presentation from the local Educational Authority, so it was nice to critique other people’s presentations opposed to my own! I’m not so bad after all…

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#224 – PowerPoint Pains

It’s nearly midnight on Sunday evening, and am I sat sipping red wine? am I sat engrossed in some brilliant film? do I have my feet up and feel totally relaxed?

Nope, I’ve been crouched over the lounge table for the past several hours throwing PowerPoint slides together for Tuesday’s big pitch. Ah, the joys. Guess that I will do any ironing in the morning, along with the tidying and the organizing!

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#223 – Disco Lights

Tonight was the annual awards night for the Swadlincote Dolphins, Josh and Tilly’s swimming club. Josh picked up a trophy for 3rd place in the 10 and under, whilst Tilly picked up a medal for her participation.

The evening always ends with a disco which the kids really enjoy. So rather than posting a picture of the two of them, which wasn’t as good as the professional photographers there, I opted for something more abstract, the disco lights!

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#222 – R.I.P Granny Smith

My dear Grandmother passed away this morning. Her name was Molly Smith, formally Turner from Bristol. She was a great woman and a great influence on my life as a young child, so I will remember her and miss her dearly. My creative streak was definitely down to her support and praise as a child. When she married into the Smith family, I remember poking fun at her for becoming, “Granny Smith” – and that name has stuck with me for many years.

I couldn’t think of a more fitting photo for today, and my very own ‘Granny Smith’ has now been planted in the back garden.

God rest your soul, Granny Smith … and Thank-you. xxx

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#221 – Off the drugs into the meetings

Finally off the drugs and tablets today, “Woop!”. Managed to spend the day productively working today on various projects, drug free, which is an even bigger bonus. Post clocking off time saw no let up either, as I had to chair the board of governors meeting at school. So, it’s 10 o’clock and I finally have a glass of wine in hand and a soft chair to sit on. “… and rest!”


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#220 – Back on the soft drugs

Day #4 of man-flu and a much better day. I’m off the hard core drugs now and on to the selective soft core throat sweets now. I hate being ill so personally I am more than happy with this!

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#219 – Wet and miserable day

Well what a horrid, wet and miserable day it has been today. Day #3 of Man-flu as well, and I’ve spent the day working on the sofa – video calls and everything! Here hoping that tomorrow brings a healthy day and a healthy me!

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#218 – Hitting the man-flu with all I’ve got

Day 2 of Man-flu. Struggled on  through working at home today. Things were OK as long as I didn’t move, so that was the general strategy!

Other than not moving, I been popping the pills, in between the shivers and sweats. I’ve also decided against spreading my germs on the train into London and the underground, so feel safe to travel tomorrow – I won’t be on the train!

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#217 – Lucozade Needed

Had a lovely weekend, just Rachael and myself, but I have a feeling that Rachael’s given me her germs! Aching muscles, a sore throat and a headache all joined me this morning. As much as I enjoy taking the kids swimming on a Sunday afternoon, I was suffering a bit tonight. Not just because their swimming club fees have risen but also because of the sauna-like environment. What else could I turn to, but a trusted bottle of Lucozade and some tablets!

Rather than taking a simple shot of the Lucozade bottle, I thought an abstract view would be better – so it you ever thought what it would like like if you shoved an iPhone camera down the neck of a Lucozade bottle, now you know!

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