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#255 – Expo Working

Today was day two at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising Expo at Earls Court in London, and it saw me in back to back meetings until I left.
After two days, I managed one seminar and I think I spent more than 5 minutes at only a handful of exhibitors stands – the rest of the time was spent in meetings and networking around the coffee cups. So this is my view of the day!

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#254 – Earls Court

Busy day today at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising expo in London. Lots of walking, meetings and informal chats.
Seem only natural that the photo was of Earl’s Court itself.

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#253 – All packed for TFM 2012

I am heading down to the Technology for Marketing and Adverising Expo tomorrow at Earls Court, along with the Publishing Expo. Two days of tech, seminars and networking. So, I am all packed and ready to hit the train station in the morning.

Anyone wanting to meet up and talk XMPie then give me a shout!

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#252 – Broken Keyboard is pi__ing me off!

For some inexplicable reason the ‘S’ key on my keyboard has broken, fallen off and refuses to go back on! This is causing me some issues as you can image!

Fear not though – eBay to the rescue, with a new keyboard on order. Mind you, I should have 4 years on-site support on this laptop, so that’s a task for tomorrow!

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#251 – Playtime

Saturday day with the kids today, although we had a mammoth battle with getting the homework done this morning, which was a real shame as the weather was fantastic. Anyway, we managed to make it out and got some fresh air. Thought that I would take the opportunity to snap a shot in the relative sunshine!

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#250 – Trust, Drugs and Alcohol

Friday night with the kids tonight – so pizza night. Been looking forward to Friday for a few days now. This cough has been keeping me awake at night, so I am tired. It’s always great to have all the kids around, but at the same time I do like it when it’s wine-o-clock! Tonight though I got stuck in my tracks when I remembered that I was not on antibiotics! We are always told NEVER to drink on antibiotics, so what’s a man to do?

Searching the internet, will normally result in at least one page telling you that you will, without doubt die painfuly from whatever condition or drug you are taking. So with that not being of much help – I turned to the Internet. I crowd-sourced an answer, which seem to be ‘drink’. This could have been down to the fact that my Twitter followers wanted to see me harmed in some brutal way – you never know. There comes a day in which you just have to open up to your social circle and say, “What do you think? Do or die?” – We need to trust those that follow us ;-)

Drinking didn’t seem to have any adverse effects anyway, so thank guys!

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#249 – Weird sightings in the countryside

Well, it was a fantastic day today and the sun was shining. I took the opportunity to get out with the camera before the sun went down, but unfortunately missed my opportunity for good light. Either way, I took a drive around and came across this set of England dice hanging on a fence post. So, stopped and snapped them, as any sane man would really!

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#248 – Assuming the position

Today’s meeting in London was cancelled, which is probably a good job as I spent yesterday’s meeting in London feeling bad and coughing all the time (how professional!). Luckily, Rach had a lovely cooked meal waiting for me upon my return, which made the day all the better. Anyway, the thought of driving back into London was not one that I was looking forward to! So upon it’s cancellation I resorted to working from home, the vast quantity of which has been spent on the sofa, laptop on lap. Still coughing and still blocked with a head cold, but better than being out and about!

‘Nurse Rach’ even very kindly dropped in on the drugs and tissue run ;-)

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#247 – Head down and follow the pack

Today saw me in London centre for a meeting. I can’t say that I enjoy being in London. It’s crowded, busy and generally stressful! Travelling around the city on public travel is just a case of putting your head down and following the person in front!

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#246 – Death of a day by bad coffee

It’s been a weird day of sorts today, working at home in the morning and then in the office waiting on others in the afternoon; who didn’t turn up after all. To cap that off I was subjected to Satin’s own blend of coffee! I cannot describe just how bad it was! Maybe the joy of having my own coffee machine at home has ruined me, but even I thought that after years of working in an office, with vended coffee, I was immune to it’s inept taste. Apparently not.

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