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#286 – Birmingham Blow Out

Today me, Rach and some good friends having a blow out in Birmingham. We’ve arrived earlier so managed to have a walk around he Bullring. Now we’re waiting on the others, so I thought that I would do my photo now, opposed to attempting it in a drunken state!

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#285 – Finishing Line

“Yeah”, it’s Friday, and it’s the end of a long sales quarter! It’s been a long hard slog professionally, so I am thankful to see the end this week. Therefore, this photo seemed a good composition.

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#284 – Wondering around lost

Today had me out and about in London for the UK PODi AppForum at the London College of Communication. Now, I am not a fan of heading into London – it just stresses me out. Today, was no different, but with the added stress of navigating around the Elephant and Castle. Who designed this rabbit warren of walkways and subways??? Suffice to say that I was wondering around lost for a good while, so rather than just trying to read the signs, I took some photos!

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#283 – Playtime Again

Loving this lovely weather at the moment, and making the best of it. Was out and about in the car today, so at least my right arm is catching the sun, but also managed some this afternoon with the kids at the park.

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#282 – Pride Park

A day of meetings today, ending up at Pride Park in Derby for my last meeting. Once again the weather was fantastic, so it was nice to actually get out and about in the sunshine. As the sun was low I took this shot of the bronze statue of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor outside Pride Park.

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#281 – Moira Furnace

Another sunny day, and stuck in doors working for all of it. Managed to get out on the bike though this afternoon, and stopped along the way to take some photos. This one is of Moira Furnace close by.

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#280 – Ghost Rider

Another sunny day, and another chance to get out on the bikes. This time for the local PTA Easter Egg hunt (Yes, I know that it’s early!). The kids had a great time, racing around finding the clues to release the ransomed Easter Egg back to them.

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#279 – Sunshine, Lasagne and Bike Rides

Well, it’s been a better day today. The sunshine was out, the kids were on form, and the inbox received no attention! Josh was determined to cook a lasagne  for everyone, so we did that this morning, and then all headed out on a bike this afternoon. Long may this weather continue.

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#278 – Fawk It

Sometimes doing this photo blog drags on, and I have to really motivate myself to get up and do it – 365 days of taking a photo every day. I try not to use photos that I have previously taken, and if I do it’s from the day before. For the vast majority of times it’s OK and I get on and do it – some days are not so easy, and I don’t want to have got this far and then to fail. Some times this happens and at the same time I am having a bad day as well. On those days it’s really tough. You just want to close the laptop and say, “f#@k it, to hell with the day”, and forget the photo as well.

Today is one of those days. The day has been tough, and if I hadn’t of grabbed 5 minutes in the garden today with the camera, then I seriously think that this post wouldn’t have happened. As it is, I did, and this photo’s title about sums it up.

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#277 – Scaffolding

Relatively busy day today with meetings and travelling – but I at least managed to make it back home before before it got dark, so managed to get out with the camera. Didn’t make it very far though, only to the back garden where this site greets me now from next door!

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