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#316 – TalkTalk Arrives

Well, I have been working at home today anticipating the arrival of my TalkTalk Business Broadband switch-over from BT at any time. Expecting some issues, complications and time with broadband I was was pleasantly surprised to see my BT line drop, and by the time I had configured my router and restarted TalkTalk Business was there. A little tweaking with the SNR values, got me a lovely 20MB download and 1MB upload. Happy days. Sorry BT, but until you upgrade the exchange to Fibre this is the best that I am going to get!

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#315 – House Bound and Creative

Yet another miserable day outside, so no chance of really getting outside with the camera. Personally, it’s been a better day though and that has allowed me to spend some time keeping busy to create a website. This I always enjoy. Plus the fact that the kids were back this afternoon so the house was a bit less quiet.

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#314 – Keeping Busy

Another day of coping with things today, after yesterday. Lazy morning in bed, followed by keeping busy throughout the day. My house has never been so clean, and it’s a shame that it will not last in this state!

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#313 – Thoroughly Miserable Day

Well, what can I say about today other than it was thoroughly miserable inside and out. Let’s hope that the sun starts shining soon!

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#312 – Peeling Away


Not a huge amount of inspiration available today I am afraid. However I am out at a Governors meeting tonight so I thought that I would at least try and get a photo taken before I get back and everything is dark and uninviting.

Anyway this is a lesson in not leaving furniture outside exposed to the elements. If you do, then the cracks start to appear and the veneer starts to peel away. Bad news for the table, but it makes for an interesting abstract shot!

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#311 – Shutters

Well, the weather and roads got the better of me today, so plans had to be changed to suit. Driving in the rains today was tough and not fun, that was for sure. Also, I didn’t have many chances to grab photos today, other than this abstract one of some shutters.


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#310 – Sugar Rushed

Been sat working on the sofa for most of the evening, so in order to keep me going i’ve been resorting to the sugar rush, aided and abetted by a stack of jam doughnuts!

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#309 – A Billion times better

Well another tech purchase arrived this morning, as a part of my migration away from BT to TalkTalk broadband. I decided not to take TalkTalk up on their offer of a ADSL router, as my experience with bundled routers has not been great up to now. So I opted for the Billion 7800N ADSL Router, and wow what a good choice! It’s slotted in and been setup within a matter of minutes, and already I am getting benefits over the BT HomeHub. The WIFI speeds have almost doubled, and the broadband speeds increased – and that is with BT, compared to their own equipment. Looking forward to seeing what it can do with the TalkTalk connection now.

Ah, the simple pleasure of a geek!

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#308 – Dishing it out

It’s been a quiet day with the kids today. However with the evening at a high, I am just now sat trawling through paperwork and sorting the bank accounts and bills – ah the joys!

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#307 – Swimming night again

A good day with the kids today, although the weather was not great, so mostly spent indoors. However Josh had a swimming gala tonight with his local swimming team, which he did very well at, considering a bad knee and hip sustained after a rather impressive tumble in the playground at school on Friday!

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