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#296 – Do you think that they will mind?

Well, I have these sat on the table in the kitchen table at home. Somewhat tempting to just leave there. So the question tonight is, “Do you think that the kids will notice if they disappear?”. Surely it’s a parent’s prerogative to ‘help’ their children to eat their Easter Eggs! Isn’t it healthy for me to help them to eat their eggs?

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#295 – Soft Play Day

Last day with the kids for this long weekend, and a quieter one after all the fun in the past few days. Lot’s of time on the XBOX with the kids this morning before taking them to a local soft play center to run off some energy. Later on Josh cooked a lovely tea, followed by some more XBOX. A great day with the kids.

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#294 – Fun at the Fair

A good day with the kids today, and a lovely roast dinner cooked by Rachael. In the evening we managed to get to the local fair to spend some time on the rides, which the kids loved, as you can see my their faces.

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#293 – Splash Landings

Managed to take all the kids out to Splash Landing this afternoon for several hours of fun in the water and on the slides. 5 hours later they were all shattered and struggling through a McDonalds, and a hour later asleep in their beds. A good result in my book. Mind you remind me not to go swimming in a chlorine-filled pool again whilst wearing my contact lens! Ouch.

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#292 – Bike Riding Again

Good Friday, and a day off with the kids. So today was spent bike riding and doing an Easter Egg hunt. 10 miles later I think that everyone has exhausted – so pizza night was brought in tonight!

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#291 – Feet Up

Long day of driving today, with an added Parish Council meeting in the evening for good measure. So, once again little chance or time for any photography today, so instead I just put my feet up and grabbed a glass of wine!

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#290 – Talking all afternoon

Today’s snow in Derbyshire led me to change my travel plans for the day, and I stopped at home to work instead. This meant that I could catch up with various people in the warmth of my own home, and just smirk at the weather outside. A much better approach as it turned out.

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#289 – Tiger’s Tea-cloths

Was waiting around for inspiration again today, and it took some time, but then I discovered this little nest that Tilly had created in her room with her Tiger and some Tea-Cloths. He looked comfy enough so I decided to use that for today’s shot.

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#288 – Kids Toys

Had a day off with the kids today, so took them out toy shopping as a reward for good reports from school. Then off to gorge on pizza before home and settling in to watch some films. All in all a good day. It’s worrying though what toys are out there that kids spend their money on though, all for excessive amounts of money!

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#287 – Smashing good time

Last night was a night out in Birmingham at Jongleurs and then clubbing, so a quiet night it was not. This afternoon it was back home and recoup before having the kids back, and the obligatory swimming run. Whilst everything last night can be recalled, what I am struggling to figure out is when I managed to smash the face on my watch!

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