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#347 – Drip Drip

Extremely long day today, with a drive up to Newcastle and back; intermingled with a wrong turning and a long diversion on the way home. Unsurprisingly I had not taken any shots during the day, so I was once again struggling for inspiration. Enter Rob with some ideas. Thinking that the last thing that I need was to set up a shot, it was actually a good relief at the end of the day. So thanks Rob. Not the best composition, but the light was fading fast, so I couldn’t get the shutter speed up high enough. Maybe I will revisit this one again another day!

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#346 – Working Late

Working at home today, and indeed still working as I type this. Combination of catching up from yesterday, preparing for a large presentation up in Newcastle tomorrow, and creating websites for others. Busy, busy, busy. Onward and upwards though.

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#345 – Windscreen time

Well today has seen a change of pace compared to yesterday. 4 hours in the car this morning in stationery traffic on the M40 – and day full of meetings followed by a sunset drenched drive on the way home. I lack of time online today has also been a refreshing change, but back online again now and happier.

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#344 – Talk to the backside

Well, what a day it has been, dominated by the bitter and cruel actions of one; seemingly aided by others within the small village in which I live. Having lived in small villages for a large portion of my life I know only to well what damage and harm gossip can do. I dislike it and I try not to get pulled into it. Personally I like the Jewish proverb, “What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t invent with your mouth.”

Knowing full well that others are seemingly talking and gossiping about me is being treated with my traditional, “Smile and Wave” attitude. So, my photo today has a quote attached to it.

“My ass contemplates those who talk behind my back”, Francis Picabia

P.S. I also like this photo!

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#343 – Football will never be the same

Another glorious day in the sunshine today, spent catching up on various things, visiting friends and playing with the kids at the park before sweating several pints at the swimming pool. What added some humour to the day was watching Josh and his mates in the football cage devising, what seemed to be a new breed of sport. To say that the rules seemed overly complex would be an understatement of the highest order. There were rules for who could do what, when, and where and that certain actions could only be performed in certain places by people – and that others were somehow ‘void’.

I previously thought that Austrian Football was the weirdest sport – by this took the prize.

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#342 – The Hangover

Well yesterday’s posting was a bit short and to the point. Rather silly of me as I had left it until the evening, which was when I was on a stag do with my future Brother-in-law. For once I was going to leave yesterdays posting until this morning – but I was moaned at so actually had to try and upload, and write a wordpress blog post from my iPhone whilst sat  on a bench, somewhat under the influence and being forced-fed beer!

Anyway, after a somewhat eventful evening, and a bedtime that heard the birds singing  as the room spun around, I awoke this morning to a hazy start to say the least.

A trawl through the iPhone Camera history and a staggered recognition of broken memories throughout the day has seemed like the closing trailers to The Hangover! Great night out – so I seem to recall.

P.S. Anyone spot the stag?

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#341 – Lively in Liverpool

Quite possibly the hardest post I’ve done, as this is possibly the most intoxicated post as well. All I will say is stag do!

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#340 – Tasty Meetings

Another day, another meeting, this time in a company in Bath. Although this was a good meeting, what set it apart from others was the appearance of a bowl of chocolate mini eggs! Woop, that made it a much more pleasant meeting experience – grabbing chocolate eggs in-between PowerPoint slides.

Please note anyone to whom I am due a meeting with …. Chocolate Mini Eggs please!

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#339 – Chewing Gum

A busy day at Xerox preaching through the merits of XMPie – and another day driving in the glorious sunshine. Not a huge amount of opportunity for photos today either, so had to think of something this evening. What’s interesting is that some of the photos that I take within this project are purely for the shot and some are snapshots of memories in time. The great thing is that I know which is which.

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#338 – Summer’s Here

Wow – what a glorious day with the sun out and shining. A few meetings today, but out driving in the sun which was lovely (I one have one sun burnt arm!). Even managed a fly by visit in support of Team Roz.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, that one of the great things about doing this project is being able to look back at what I was doing during the year. For example, in stark contrast to today, 3 months ago to the day I was with my head down in the London Underground and suffering London in the rain. From drab underground to fields of rapeseed in the glorious sun, what a difference 3 months can make!

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