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#366 – One for the leap year

Of course this year is a leap year, so although this project finished yesterday I felt that I needed to complete the ‘official’ year and included one for the leap year.

Today has been tough, with the comments of others again hurting those around me – so in times when others threaten those that you care about you keep them close and try and protect them.

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#365 – And so it ends

Well, it’s been 365 days since I started this journey and it’s time to wrap up and review.

When I started this, it was all about the photography and the DSLR camera that I was enjoying to use. I wanted to have a focus for using it on a regular basis, learning new techniques and basically getting out there. I think that this was true in the early days, but then looking back things have changed. Most strikingly it has become more of a journal for me and not a showcase of work. Taking a photo every day is not an easy task, and on many days, it was the last thing that I wanted to do, and in some cases it was the last thing I actually did in the day! However, I am a so pleased with how it has turned out.

Several things come to mind as I review this project:

My photography skills might not have of improved drastically (in my opinion), but what has improved is the ability to see a shot in almost any situation. This in itself is a great accomplishment and one that will stay with me. I do think that there are some really good shots that I have taken over the year, and my task now is to get some of those printed and framed.
Looking back at each photo, I can tell you a story of what was happening in that day – which is immensely powerful at times. The past year has had its highs and it’s lows, that is for sure! There have been deaths, funerals, good days, bad days, relationship highs and relationship lows. There are things that I would’ve done differently and things that I […]

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#364 – Fathers Socks

Father’s day again, and a cuppa tea in bed this morning lovingly made by Josh. Presents in bed and then up and tackling the day. A combination of ballet lessons for Tilly, Shopping, and swimming later on in the day for the kids. Whilst Josh did promise to make tea, I was soon put back in charge as the scooter came out!

However, just to prove that I am growing old gracefully, I have adorned the novelty socks today, which is a first! lol

“One more day to go, one more day of photos…..”

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#363 – Remembering Great Granny Smith

Today was a quiet day, for various reasons, but none-the-less spent with the kids which was great. After a lazy morning I sat the kids down to explain to them that their late Great Granny Smith had left them a bit of money to spend on something that they wanted. After much excited deliberation and discussion decisions were partially made and we headed off to Toys-r-us to see what we could find. Was fun watching them both run off in separate directions, on some sort of mad trolley dash. After a short while decisions had been made and both were sporting beaming smiles.

Tilly jumping up and down with a new iPod Touch and Josh with a stunt scooter and some Hex Bugs.

Personally, I was hoping to stay out and get some food, but alas I hadn’t banked on two excited children wanting to get home to play. Never mind, home it was, upon where Hex Bug where over-running the floor, and dad was having near-death experiences on a stunt scooter. Tilly on the other hand was quiet as a mouse, only lifting up her head to start a sentence with, “Dad, how do I ….”. Bless her.

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#362 – Looking up

After the miserable events of last night (both personally and meteorologically) I’ve decided to look up and get on with things. Still somewhat bemused by what happened, but committed to moving on and up. I even started work on the final photo today! I know that it’s a bit of a cheat, but it needed setting up and there’s some post-production work needed. Personally I think that it’s looking good, but let’s not start a build-up that might fail.

3 more days to go!

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#361 – Cold, dark & thoroughly miserable evening

Little to be said here other than the weather outside is a reflection on how I am feeling at this precise minute, with a few more emotions thrown in.
Good night.

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#360 – Floating through the anxiety

Yeah – the sun was out again today, which makes a huge difference. Whilst up and down the M40 today I decided to call into Rosalyn’s on the way back. Partly as she was continuing to have a bad day, but also because I needed to borrow her DLSR for my final photograph and pick up some stuff for Tilly.

Roz has been a true friend recently, and listened to me no end, so today it was great to be able to return the favour and sit and talk her through a major anxiety attack without her running away. It seemed that ‘floating’ through the anxiety was the way to do it – not sure that I was any good, but it seemed to work for Roz! For Roz this was a big step, so just happy (and somewhat humbled) that I could be there to return the favour.

Either way, as I was nicking her camera I thought that I would take some snaps to remember the day, and this was by far the best one of the bunch.


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#359 – Shoulder to cry on

Although it was a manic morning today, it’s been a quiet yet productive day at work with my head to the grindstone. Other than that, I had the opportunity to return the favour of offering a shoulder to cry on for a good friend.

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#358 – Expenses Oh Joy

The joys of a Monday, with the delights of several months worth of expenses to contend with. Had the kids with me today as well, so had some fun with them as well, and then tea out this evening. Back to school for them in the morning.

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#357 – Shhh!

Sometimes, it’s more fun to say nothing, than to say something.

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