360 - Rosalyn.JPG

Yeah – the sun was out again today, which makes a huge difference. Whilst up and down the M40 today I decided to call into Rosalyn’s on the way back. Partly as she was continuing to have a bad day, but also because I needed to borrow her DLSR for my final photograph and pick up some stuff for Tilly.

Roz has been a true friend recently, and listened to me no end, so today it was great to be able to return the favour and sit and talk her through a major anxiety attack without her running away. It seemed that ‘floating’ through the anxiety was the way to do it – not sure that I was any good, but it seemed to work for Roz! For Roz this was a big step, so just happy (and somewhat humbled) that I could be there to return the favour.

Either way, as I was nicking her camera I thought that I would take some snaps to remember the day, and this was by far the best one of the bunch.