Well, it’s been 365 days since I started this journey and it’s time to wrap up and review.

When I started this, it was all about the photography and the DSLR camera that I was enjoying to use. I wanted to have a focus for using it on a regular basis, learning new techniques and basically getting out there. I think that this was true in the early days, but then looking back things have changed. Most strikingly it has become more of a journal for me and not a showcase of work. Taking a photo every day is not an easy task, and on many days, it was the last thing that I wanted to do, and in some cases it was the last thing I actually did in the day! However, I am a so pleased with how it has turned out.

Several things come to mind as I review this project:

  • My photography skills might not have of improved drastically (in my opinion), but what has improved is the ability to see a shot in almost any situation. This in itself is a great accomplishment and one that will stay with me. I do think that there are some really good shots that I have taken over the year, and my task now is to get some of those printed and framed.
  • Looking back at each photo, I can tell you a story of what was happening in that day – which is immensely powerful at times. The past year has had its highs and it’s lows, that is for sure! There have been deaths, funerals, good days, bad days, relationship highs and relationship lows. There are things that I would’ve done differently and things that I would’ve changed. At the end of the day I am in a very different place now than where I was when I started this project – but happy and looking forward to the next year.
  • The one thing that this project has brought is something that I would’ve never expected – the friends I have met. I have been in client meetings and it’s been brought up in the conversation (by the client!) and I have been stopped at trade shows and asked about it! It shouldn’t surprise me when people bring it up, as it is on the Internet after all, but it’s always been a surprise when they have! However what has really stuck with me, is the friends that I have met online! The people who I have been introduced via this project have been just truly exceptional – including one very special friend in Roz. This would never have of happened had I not stated this project a year ago, so if for no other reason, I am so happy that I started it and have seen it through to the end.

So what now? This is indeed a very good question. I did think about creating a photo book from all the photos, but right now I am not ready to do that. Maybe in the future I might. All the photos are stored, so I can always come back to them. What I will definitely do it get some of the best printed and displayed at home. I think my life will have a void now if I am not taking a photo a day, so I may well continue it with one major change – it will be restricted to me and my closest friends/family.

I have a suspicion that I will also continue to take and upload amateur shots to this blog – based around mini-projects, just to keep my hand in.

So, the last word. “Thank-you”. Thanks to everyone that has viewed, to everyone that has spoken to me about it, and a huge and massive thanks to all the wonderful friends and people I have met through this project.

Finally, I thought that I would highlight some of my favorite photos from the year – so here you go:

[pe2-gallery] DSC_2547_8_9_tonemapped.jpgDSC_2659_60_61_tonemapped.jpg025.jpg031.jpg041.jpg063a.jpg082.jpg104.jpg109.jpg110a.jpg114.jpg124.JPGIMAGE_016F1A6D-B7D0-4F60-BA5F-5D2AD9EDFC2A.JPGIMAGE_4EBC0B21-19D3-4FE8-8B45-7A528D1FD163.JPGIMAGE_1000001142.JPGIMAGE_1000000024.JPGIMAGE_1000000985.JPGIMAGE_98C66E9A-1181-4059-997F-1475FE6DE0F4.JPGIMAGE_F496BD73-8784-42C0-B03F-D67C34637667.JPGIMAGE_7D6166B6-3703-4F2F-8116-7D4B8501C1B6.JPGIMAGE_5EF75620-D658-4C7D-A729-C47F7E70F9E4.JPGIMAGE_270E1C37-09CC-4337-882F-D4AC7CF961B3.JPGIMAGE_1A9EB02F-4FA5-48E8-8E55-281FBC6006D2.JPG020.jpg360 - Rosalyn.JPGDSC_1093.JPG[/pe2-gallery]