Whattheythink.com carried an article last week interviewing?Jeroen van Druenen, Director at Jubels and Vice President of the XMPie Users Group which was really powerful. Unlike other videos of customers talking about their software partners Jeroen states (50 seconds in),

If it wasn’t for XMPie I think we wouldn’t be here any more!

This is certainly a bold statement, and a great one at that. Jeroen continues on to say that the economics in Amsterdam are tough, and that XMPie has given him that edge in the marketplace which in turn brings in the high value business.

Did XMPie really save his business?

It’s important, I think to position that XMPie did not save Jeroen’s company – and it’s unlikely to save any company if viewed as a solitary white horse riding into the battle. XMPie have spent years developing a robust set of tools that both enable and stream line the whole process of multi-channel communications. These tools are used by manly, in many different ways, but at the end of the day the technology is only as good as the organisation using it.

I love the concept, and what is possible with personalised video for example, and I could go out and buy uDirect Video from XMPie and use if with Adobe AfterEffects tomorrow, but it’s not going to make me rich. Why? Because it’s a tool that needs services and skills wrapped around it, and more importantly it needs to be sold into client’s mind before they part with their money. Do I have those skills as well?

XMPie is not going to save any business on it’s own. XMPie combined with a focused set of skills, resources and attitude will give you the best fighting chance that you have though. Having XMPie within the organisation should provide a huge comfort blanket giving assurances that almost anything is possible. Having the people that can command XMPie, that can engage, sell and drive the multi-channel communications story will give them the edge that Jeroen is talking about.

XMPie didn’t save his business, it give him the best fighting chance, the strongest defense against attack. The people, their attitude, the direction and drive for innovation inside Jubels, along with their decision to use XMPie saved their company.