Starting a 365 ProjectStarting a 365 Project was one of the best things that I have done over the past few years. A 365 Project is essentially a commitment to take a photograph every day for a whole year. Some people take photos of a single subject (themselves, their child etc.) and others just take whatever comes to hand.

For me I started a 365 Project because I wanted a reason to pick up my camera every day and at the same time try and improve my photography. I’m not the sort of person that will pour over manuals and books, learning all the functions and features of my camera before I start shooting. That doesn’t work for me. I take inspiration from the images that I see and then I like to try and use that within my photography. Sometimes it might be a different way of looking at an object, the way in which lighting has been used or the way in which the photo has been processed afterwards. For me it was just about the photo but also about how photos can be manipulated and processed in PhotoShop.

Starting a 365 Photography Project Tips

So here’s my top tips for starting a 365 Project:

Be Prepared to start a 365 Project

I won’t kid you – completing a 365 project isn’t easy. It sounds easy; take a photo every day and blog about it, but after a while it can?really start to get to you! Some days are better than others, but you have to be prepared for this. If you aren’t then the temptation to give up can easily win.Tell people that you know you are doing it, so that they can get involved.

Set yourself some 365 Project rules

It’s your project, don’t forget that – so you can set the rules! For example mine have always been:

  • The photograph has to be taken by me
  • The photograph should be taken with my camera (DSLR or iPhone)
  • The photograph has to be uploaded before midnight that day

If I didn’t get a photo up before midnight – the project didn’t end and I didn’t punish myself – I just posted it the following morning and caught up.

Find yourself a platform and a community

For me, it wasn’t about just publishing a photo but also about recording my day, and on many occasions the photo that I took was significant to that day. Sometimes the photo wasn’t great but it meant something to me. So I needed somewhere where I could ‘blog’ a photo every day. At the start I used my own blog as my platform, but many don’t have their own blogs. You could go and set one up for free (there are loads of options) but whatever you do my advice would be to use something that others can follow and comment on.

While you are doing your 365 project you really need feedback and encouragement, not just for the quality of the photos, but also to spur you on when it starts to drag a bit. This was the hardest thing for me and I saw others fail along the way. Doing your 356 project in the same places as others will help to provide inspiration for your photography, so keep that in mind.



While I watched as others started and failed I decided to try and do something to help, and this is where the idea for came from. Phooday is a community site focussed on providing individuals a space within which they can fulfil their 365 project, while getting the support, encouragement and help that they need. We made it free for everyone and it’s great to watch how people have progressed.