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A seasoned, passionate technical sales and marketing professional.A solid and experienced background in digital printing, multi-channel campaigns and transmedia. I am always seeking out new technologies and ways of working.

#013 – Off On My Travels

By |May 26th, 2015|

Busy Bank Holiday today - sorting kids and house and preparing to jump over to the continent for a day.  Always time for a cuddle before I go though. x

#012 – Awaiting Strawberries

By |May 24th, 2015|

Bit of a wet day today, so we have been inside for most of it. I did get sent to Homebase with a list though, so that was an outing [...]

#011 – So Nearly a Spa Day

By |May 23rd, 2015|

Took the kids out today to The Big Outdoor Show in Milton Keynes for a good look around, a play and some fresh air. Jumping, shooting, watching and playing was [...]

#010 – Tasty Pizza

By |May 22nd, 2015|

Another long day - although that was taken up with the kids this afternoon and evening. I've actually spent the last 3 days working on a project for a client [...]

#009 – Bicester Stone Circle

By |May 21st, 2015|

Again, another busy day but that is nothing new at the moment with this week. Did manage to take a drive out through town - and stumbled across Bicester's very [...]

#008 – Country Driving

By |May 20th, 2015|

I've been desk-bound again today with my nose in work all day trying to get stuff sorted and on track. Roz and I decided on a drive this evening and although [...]

#007 – Confusion, Costs and Candles

By |May 19th, 2015|

Been a busy day work-wise with clients confusing me and causing me hassles that all need to be worked out. Popped into town this afternoon to pick up my iPad [...]

#006 – Magic Mouse, Motorways and Lavender

By |May 18th, 2015|

Never going to see that title again are you!? Very long day today, out the door at 06:30 and back at 20:15! Day spent up in Leeds, at one of [...]

#005 – Good one Jamie!

By |May 17th, 2015|

Since my last 365 a lot of things have changed - one of which is the time that I get with the kids. I have them every Sunday afternoon/evening, so [...]

#004 – Saturday Laze and Stratton Audley

By |May 16th, 2015|

The joys of a Saturday morning spent lazying in bed, half awake and half asleep are not to be dismissed. I just love it. However reality then sets in and [...]