#334 – why did the snail cross the road?

Ah the question that I have asked myself on many occasions, “Why did the snail cross the road?”, but never found an answer for. Well yesterday I had the opportunity to ask one such snail as to why he was indeed crossing the road, but alas he did not seem to able to give any answers! I though that I would leave him be for a minute to compose an answer, but alas when I returned to complete the interview the snail seem somewhat flat towards our conversation, so I moved on.

Answers on a postcard, “Why did the snail cross the road?”

P.S. get me, posting my photo blog before mid-day!

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#333 – Twitterati Papping

Today saw me in Uxbridge for some meetings, but as promised I swung by one of my close Twitterati to say hello for the first time. That’s something that has been great by doing this project, meeting new people who I can call friends. Rosalyn is one of those people, just like I met up with Tim a while back, both who I now know through this project. Roz is housebound and fighting her illness with vengeance at the moment, so it’s great to meet her and see how she’s doing.

For anyone interested Roz is sponsoring herself to get out of the house by raising money for Spurgeons through her JustGiving site if anyone is interested.

Anyway, I managed to grab several minutes with Roz whilst she was out and about this morning, so ‘papped’ her whilst she was out and about! As you can also see she acted like a true celebrity in sticking two finger up to the paparazzi.

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#332 – Tilly Grows Peas

Been working and catching up at home today, and although the weather has been great I’ve not managed to get out and about – which is a bit of a shame. Either way I’ve had the kids this evening so managed to get a bit of play in. Tilly was most excited about the appearance of her peas after planting them the other week.

Originally, after planting them she stood and watched, waiting. I think that she thought that they were magic peas or something!

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#331 – Mancunian Buildings

Today saw me up in Manchester with a client, looking at what they have done so far and looking at what they could be doing. All in all a good and creative meeting spent looking at all the possible avenues for what they have created so far; and what they might want to look at.

Either way this old building near-by caught my eye, so thought that I would capture that for today.

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#330 – Abstract or plain silly?

OK – so I was struggling again this evening, so I was hunting around the house for things to photograph. Things were getting desperate and various objects were getting brought out and subjected to being photographed!

Anyone guess what this is?

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#329 – McSunset

This project has the ability to take over my life at any time! It’s been a good day today with the kids – lots of relaxing, playing and having fun (I’m still tidying the house!). However at the end of the day, post swimming practice for the kids, and with McDonald’s smelling the car out, the audible groans from the kids when I announced that I needed to stop to take a picture were deafening!

Either way, the deed was soon done, and McDonald’s was soon being consumed at home.

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#328 – She loves shopping

Well, it’s been great to have the kids around this weekend after the antics of this week. It’s been a busy one though, with a fair bit of running around, so not much photography has been taking place.
A bit of shopping, some playing, cooking, and a swimming gala!

After reaching out to the Twitterati, and realizing that the camera on the SLR was flat I have had to resort to iphonography again today. So this one is the face that Tilly gave me when asked if she was having fun shopping with her Dad this morning ;-) Honestly she was smiling 10 seconds prior to this shot!

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#327 – Cupcakes

What a week, back from Drupa, and then straight into work catch-up and OFSTED. I was in school this afternoon for the official review, which was fun. What was apparent was the stress that the staff were under.

Anyway, seeing what a fantastic job the staff are doing we thought that a bottle of wine was needed for each of them – accompanied by a cupcake each from me.

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#326 – OFSTED and Endings

Weird day today, first day back from Drupa and catching up on work, and emails. The first day of OFSTED being in school, and coping with that and all the associated paperwork and preparation and the end of a good glass of wine to round it all off.

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#325 – Drupa Day 8 – Goodbye Dusseldorf

Well, my final day in Drupa today, and probably the busiest day of the lot with a mass influx of the British customers. Following happy hour on the Xerox stand, and the show closing it was then off on the journey home.

Now, sat back in my own home enjoying the comfort of a real carpet under my feet and a McDonalds for tea ;)

Well, that’s Drupa 2012 over and done for me, now I get the pleasure of the OFSTED school inspection team for the next two days whilst trying to catch up with work.

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