XMPie alone won’t save your business

By |April 19th, 2013|

Whattheythink.com carried an article last week interviewing?Jeroen van Druenen, Director at Jubels and Vice President of the XMPie Users Group which was really powerful. Unlike other videos of customers talking [...]

Leveraging social media for more effective cross-media campaigns

By |March 2nd, 2011|

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in an online conference with over 230 people from all over the world. I was there presenting about how leveraging social media with [...]

Personalised QR Codes and other 2D Barcodes in XMPie

By |December 17th, 2010|

There's a lot of chatter at the moment about 2D barcodes. I've spoken to various creatives, service providers and marketers about this technology over the past few months; admittedly because [...]

The XMPie Advantage Video

By |May 27th, 2010|

During Ipex 2010, in Birmingham XMPie released a new video walking customers through the XMPie Advantage of integrated cross media communications. Talking about how XMPie can help organisations to effectively [...]

Simplifying personalised university prospectuses just got easier

By |May 27th, 2010|

Callprint Group has announced the formation of a joint venture company, Customation Limited, that specialises in helping organisations develop and deliver automated, customised and personalised, marketing communications. The new company [...]

Cross Media – Moving from What to Why

By |April 7th, 2010|

I've had some very interesting conversations with both existing XMPie customers and prospects over the past few weeks and a question has been playing on my mind, "What's harder, selling [...]

Bulk creation of 2D Barcodes (QR Code, DataMatrix) in XMPie

By |February 5th, 2010|

For several versions now the XMPie’s suite of desktop tools for creating highly personalised and relevant documents has been able to support numerous variants of 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes. [...]

XMPie uEdit Demo in 7 minutes

By |December 18th, 2009|

XMPie’s uEdit is an online, flash based template editor for XMPie documents. uEdit is completely integrated into uStore, XMPie's solution for rapid deployment of branded, e-commerce enabled,online stores without involving [...]

Who do you need to make a success of XMPie?

By |November 25th, 2009|

It a question that I get asked time and time again. "Dave, who do I need to employ to make XMPie a success?" Some people believe that data professionals are [...]

Social Media meets Cross-Media – The Video

By |November 18th, 2009|

OK - this is the third posting in the "Social Media meets Cross-Media" Trilogy! Check back on the previous postings (here) to read about the campaign, and the results. Whilst at [...]