#108 – Beach Fence Post

Will post this image today under the loose heading of ‘ Tree Trunk Tuesday’! Taken on the beach at the weekend, I quite like the composition of it.

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#105 – Beach Stones

Spent some time on the beach today, making all the best of the weather. Didn’t grab many shots but this one stood out for me.

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#70 – Last Day at Falesia Beach

Today was our last full day in Portugal, so we headed back to the beach for the day. The current wasn’t as strong as it was the other day so everyone had a great time.

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#66 – Falesia Beach

After a slow start this morning, we ventured down the road to Falesia Beach for the day. The kids had a great time on the beach. The shallow beach coupled with a strong wind made for some great waves. Seemed like more of the sea was being drunk accidentally opposed to swam in! Made it back to the villa with enough time for the kids to jump into the pool before heading out to grab a pizza.

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