#292 – Bike Riding Again

Good Friday, and a day off with the kids. So today was spent bike riding and doing an Easter Egg hunt. 10 miles later I think that everyone has exhausted – so pizza night was brought in tonight!

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#280 – Ghost Rider

Another sunny day, and another chance to get out on the bikes. This time for the local PTA Easter Egg hunt (Yes, I know that it’s early!). The kids had a great time, racing around finding the clues to release the ransomed Easter Egg back to them.

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#265 – Bike ride

Today was a nice day outside so we decided to take the kids and head out on the bikes. Not been out with them all before, so it was a task with all 5 kids, of varying abilities. Would’ve gotten off to a better start had Tilly’s bike not had a puncture. I managed to replace that inner tube, but only to discover that the object that had caused the issue was still in the tyre! So a second trip to the bike school was called for to replace the replacement. Not a great start.
7 miles later, with everyone shattered it was back home to relax.

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#197 – On my bike

New Year, new past time. Managed a 6 mile bike ride today around the area. I can’t say that it was easy, it wasn’t! My legs feel like tree stumps, and I am sure that I will be feeling the pain tomorrow.

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#137 – The Lovely Commute

Just got a chance to go through some of the photos that I took on the streets on London the other morning, and this one stood out. If only all commutes were like this.

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