#159 – Am I fifty already?

Oh my God, am I fifty already??? Phew, luckily not! It was only a gift card error! Having picked up the post this morning, I happily started opening the various letters. One felt like a card, looked like a card, and I thought for a moment I had received my first christmas card!

Alas, no. It was e moment tha happy 50th birthday from mum – fortunately not my mum! Someone else’s! Phew!

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#139 – Happy Birthday Harry

Today was Harry’s birthday, so we were all out celebrating. First off ice staking and then out for a meal. Was great seeing the kids on the ice, improving. Harry had a small cake and candle and as you can see, took the “make a wish…” quite seriously.

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#29 – Birthday Parties and Swimming Galas

Busy day today! Tilly’s 6th Birthday party on the slopes in the afternoon and Josh’s swimming gala in the evening. It didn’t seem fair to post just one picture, so I decided on two and blended them together in Photoshop for effect. I’ve been meaning to improve my skills in PhotoShop for some time, and this project is starting to have an effect on that as well.

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