#316 – TalkTalk Arrives

Well, I have been working at home today anticipating the arrival of my TalkTalk Business Broadband switch-over from BT at any time. Expecting some issues, complications and time with broadband I was was pleasantly surprised to see my BT line drop, and by the time I had configured my router and restarted TalkTalk Business was there. A little tweaking with the SNR values, got me a lovely 20MB download and 1MB upload. Happy days. Sorry BT, but until you upgrade the exchange to Fibre this is the best that I am going to get!

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#309 – A Billion times better

Well another tech purchase arrived this morning, as a part of my migration away from BT to TalkTalk broadband. I decided not to take TalkTalk up on their offer of a ADSL router, as my experience with bundled routers has not been great up to now. So I opted for the Billion 7800N ADSL Router, and wow what a good choice! It’s slotted in and been setup within a matter of minutes, and already I am getting benefits over the BT HomeHub. The WIFI speeds have almost doubled, and the broadband speeds increased – and that is with BT, compared to their own equipment. Looking forward to seeing what it can do with the TalkTalk connection now.

Ah, the simple pleasure of a geek!

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#302 – BT Broadband on the floor for the count

Well, that’s it, I have decided to make the jump away from BT to another provider. Whilst I have nothing against BT, and I have after all been a BT customer for many years, the broadband speeds that I am getting out here in the sticks is not enough to handle my needs. So today the process started as I move across to TalkTalk Business Broadband.

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