#340 – Tasty Meetings

Another day, another meeting, this time in a company in Bath. Although this was a good meeting, what set it apart from others was the appearance of a bowl of chocolate mini eggs! Woop, that made it a much more pleasant meeting experience – grabbing chocolate eggs in-between PowerPoint slides.

Please note anyone to whom I am due a meeting with …. Chocolate Mini Eggs please!

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#267 – Working from home is hell

Working from home today – but fear not, I am out for the rest of the week! Working from home takes discipline, commitment and a good internet connection, which at times can be an issue. However today I have a small perk. Chocolate mini rolls left over from the weekend! I’m not sure if it was the fact that I didn’t offer them to the kids, or they failed to notice them, but it would be a criminal offence not to eat them! Like I said working from home takes discipline 😉

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#201 – Remnants of Christmas

Well Christmas is well and truly over, but for some reason I have a small quantity of chocolates left over from the celebration. Shame really, as I might just have to eat them all now!

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#161 – Chocolate Survival

I was struggling today to get a shot to use for this posting, so I decided to use one of the images that I took yesterday at the Good Food Show. This is one that I capture of a chocolate fountain that I have since processed and improved a bit, and quite like now.

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#128 – Chocolate Biscuit Tuesday

Today had me back at Xerox’s HQ in Uxbridge presenting to more of the European Channel Partners about the virtues of XMPie and the opportunities that exist. I didn’t take the DSLR, but I did have the trusty iPhone to hand. What I love about being in the SMART Centre at Uxbridge on these occasions is that they have great coffee and chocolate biscuits to hand. So I thought I would honor a ‘Chocolate Biscuit Tuesday’

This post should of course been up last night, but I got back late, and then was over at Rachael’s who’s new house seems to be in a telecommunications ghetto, so nothing was happening, hence the fact that this is finally being uploaded this morning. My first late posting!


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#34 – Chocolate Cocktail

More meetings today. Missed lunch, so came home and needed a sugar boost! Thought that this little creation would hit the spot! Maltesers, Minstrels, M&Ms and a chocolate finger to finish it off. Not going to count the calories of this little baby, but it did the trick!

Don’t try this at home folks, I am a trained professional!


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#13 – A Chocolate Hobnob Sort of Day

Today is most definitely a chocolate Hobnob sort of day. Why? Well firstly I am working at home which gives unashamedly easy access to the biscuit cupboard (no other excuse needed!), but more importantly today is the last day in the sales quarter for me. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that all the stress is on to get every last order into the system before the close of business today. No pressure then. This normally equates to numerous phone calls, emails and skype chats throughout the day. So, copious amounts of coffee will be consumed today – and what better biscuit to accompany them than the old favorite, “The Chocolate Hobnob!”. You can be guaranteed that this package will be empty very soon!

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#2 – Fathers Day

Father’s Day today. Woken sharply by the kids this morning with a bag of goodies. Seemed only appropriate that today’s photo was related in some way, so chocolate it was!



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