#362 – Looking up

After the miserable events of last night (both personally and meteorologically) I’ve decided to look up and get on with things. Still somewhat bemused by what happened, but committed to moving on and up. I even started work on the final photo today! I know that it’s a bit of a cheat, but it needed setting up and there’s some post-production work needed. Personally I think that it’s looking good, but let’s not start a build-up that might fail.

3 more days to go!

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#109 – The Clouds Roll In

Another road-side photo today. The clouds were rolling in this afternoon over the motorway, and looked pretty intimidating so I pulled over and took a shot before moving on to the next meeting of the day.

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#82 – Cadborough Hill Dragonfly

The weather seemed to clear this afternoon, and for a while the sun came out and the clouds looked pretty atmospheric so I thought I would take advantage of it and take a late lunch-time walk. Cadborough Hill is located just south of Overseal, and at the foot of the Hill is a small lake. It’s a lovely walk through the area, but I stopped at the lake to take some HDR shots whilst the clouds were moody. However whilst there, there were a number of dragonflys around, and this one posed for me for a while. While I was there, I also managed to snap 3 buzzards (well, I think that they were buzzards) flying around over the woods, which was a great view. I didn’t manage very many shots of the buzzards though, which was a shame.

Anyone, shot of the day for me was the dragonfly, but I will insert the others from the set as well.

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