#272 – Coffee Grinder

Been shopping today, and along with several gorgeous Jeff Bank shirts, I splashed out on a decent coffee grinder to feed my love of Coffee. That along with a bag of coffee beans from Costa Coffee I am a happy man! Will be awake for weeks to come, but happy!

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#255 – Expo Working

Today was day two at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising Expo at Earls Court in London, and it saw me in back to back meetings until I left.
After two days, I managed one seminar and I think I spent more than 5 minutes at only a handful of exhibitors stands – the rest of the time was spent in meetings and networking around the coffee cups. So this is my view of the day!

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#246 – Death of a day by bad coffee

It’s been a weird day of sorts today, working at home in the morning and then in the office waiting on others in the afternoon; who didn’t turn up after all. To cap that off I was subjected to Satin’s own blend of coffee! I cannot describe just how bad it was! Maybe the joy of having my own coffee machine at home has ruined me, but even I thought that after years of working in an office, with vended coffee, I was immune to it’s inept taste. Apparently not.

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#239 – Coffee and a choice to make

Choices, choices! Finally managed to sit down this evening with a cup of coffee, but the choice of biscuit is causing me some problems! Whether to stick with the trusted Rich Tea, or Malted Milk or to take a risk with a pretty enticing chocolate muffin, or a sneaky KitKat!?!

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#232 – Nothing pornographic to see here!

Apparently my photo from yesterday was too pornographic for some browsers to display (is there some weird fetish with woolen gloves that I don’t know about?), so I thought that I would make it clear in the title for today’s photograph.

I’ve been working at home for the most part of today, and then out for coffee and a meeting of minds, so my coffee machine at home has been getting a bashing, and this is my preferred coffee of the moment!

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#229 – Friday Caffeine Levels

This Friday has been tackled with precision – and a heck of a lot of coffee! Probably, if I am honest a little too much coffee! But then then is the downside of having an espresso machine within reach. Personally, I have lost track of just how many cups I have had, but I am typing rather fast, so probably quite a few! Other tactics employed today? Firstly purposely forgetting to log into Skype (which has reduced the amount of calls to a minimum) and secondly realizing that it is feckin freezing outside, so I am grounded in doors!

Time to reduce the caffeine levels in my bloodstream I feel!

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#42 – Mr Gaggia is back

I might be a bit of a gadget-freak, but I also have another love which is coffee. My Gaggia espresso maker has pride of place in my kitchen, however for the past few weeks I’ve been missing my frothing-widget which has made it difficult to use. Joy-of-joys, today I received a replacement! Mr Gaggia is back.

This shot is also in respect for the pending visit of my sister this weekend, who would’ve been most disappointed to learn of it’s inability to make a decent coffee!

Anyway, this shot was taken and then tweaked in Photoshop to apply the colour and mask out the cups to make them stand out.

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