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XMPie alone won’t save your business carried an article last week interviewing?Jeroen van Druenen, Director at Jubels and Vice President of the XMPie Users Group which was really powerful. Unlike other videos of customers talking about their software partners Jeroen states (50 seconds in),
If it wasn’t for XMPie I think we wouldn’t be here any more!
This is certainly a bold statement, and a great one at that. Jeroen continues on to say that the economics in Amsterdam are tough, and that XMPie has given him that edge in the marketplace which in turn brings in the high value business.
Did XMPie really save his business?
It’s important, I think to position that XMPie did not save Jeroen’s company – and it’s unlikely to save any company if viewed as a solitary white horse riding into the battle. XMPie have spent years developing a robust set of tools that both enable and stream line the whole process of multi-channel communications. These tools are used by manly, in many different ways, but at the end of the day the technology is only as good as the organisation using it.

I love the concept, and what is possible with personalised video for example, and I could go out and buy uDirect Video from XMPie and use if with Adobe AfterEffects tomorrow, but it’s not going to make me rich. Why? Because it’s a tool that needs services and skills wrapped around it, and more importantly it needs to be sold into client’s mind before they part with their money. Do I have those skills as well?

XMPie is not going to save any business on it’s own. XMPie combined with a focused set of skills, resources and attitude will give you the best fighting chance that you […]

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#117 – A QR Code Marketing Campaign in a few hours

As a small personal project, and based on a discussion that I was having with a colleague I’ve spent a few hours pulling together a Quick Response Code (QR Code) campaign today. This little project took me only a few hours, but consists of a complete marketing campaign where my fictitious company ‘greenorange’ are able to create branded marketing material for events. They can hand out the postcards carrying an offer for a money-off coupon, along with a dynamic QR Code. The QR Code, when scanned brings a recipient to a Group URL (GURL) which references the event that the recipient attended, and asks them for their details. The recipient can enter their details, at which point they are taken to a personalised URL (PURL) from where they can click to dynamically create and download their own personalised money-off coupon!

All this is being tracked, so greenorange can see who is scanning what, and who has entered their details and downloaded their money-off coupon!

A complete marketing campaign, based on the intelligent use of QR Codes (rather than just placing static QR Codes on a company’s literature) in under half a working day! Oh, and one that is being tracked in real-time, so the marketing team can see what’s happening, minute by minute.

You know what – this cross media marketing stuff is not that scary, or hard to do when you have an idea and the right tools.

Full disclosure: At the time of writing this article the author was employed by XMPie, a Xerox Company.




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#89 – Eating my own dog food

Today has seen me completing a small project that I started yesterday to create my very own cross-media marketing campaign to help convert sales leads into real prospects. I decided to actually ‘eat my own dog food’ and use our own software to create it, from scratch, by myself. Without a manual in sight I actually managed to pull it off. It’s not that hard in all reality. I’m no designer, and no programmer and I didn’t need to be either. I am now the proud owner of a cross media campaign that includes personalised emails, personalised and relevant micro sites, and I even threw in a personalised QR Code as well so recipients could scan and send me a SMS.

Full disclosure: At the time of writing this article the author was employed by XMPie, a Xerox Company.

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Cross Media – Moving from What to Why

I’ve had some very interesting conversations with both existing XMPie customers and prospects over the past few weeks and a question has been playing on my mind, “What’s harder, selling Cross Media Campaigns or implementation them?”

Some have spoken about the fact that actually delivering a cross media campaign is the hardest element; whilst others have struggled in actually selling it to to their customers. The vast majority of commercial printers that now have the capability to deliver these types of highly relevant and interactive cross media campaigns; seem to struggle with actually selling the concept into their customers. Some are happy to continually take large quantities of print volume with the relatively small profit margins that they deliver – whilst ignoring the vast amount of additional opportunity that exists in these accounts. Other commercial printers seem to struggle to engage the right people, bring them to the table and move the conversation from ‘product’ to ‘value’. In today’s marketplace it is all about selling the value, linking all the elements together. In comparison talking to some marketing agencies they struggle with actually delivering the concept in a timely and ‘joined up’ fashion.

So here’s my top 5 observations:

You need to engage the right people – cross media campaigns do not sit with the print-buyer. Engaging at a senior marketing or brand level is critical. It’s a high level sell, that potentially involves multiple budgets and multiple people. You need to identify these people and get them all around a table and get the buy-in to move forward.
You need to sell value, not product – a cross media campaign should not be a product sell in the same way print can be. Integrated cross media campaigns tend […]

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Sky Bet and Sky Sports – the Dream Pairing for XMPie Personalisation

One of my customers (Alphagraphics North East) recently shared a site that they had prepared for Sky Bet and Sky Sports.  The aim was to add value for new Skybet customers and to try and convert them to Skybet accounts (if they don’t already have one) and to get them to bet more on the Skybet sites, (this was done through email and direct mail directing people through to the

My understanding is that 3 different printed direct mailers went out; new for new customers, one lapsed customers and one for current customers – all that carried personalised content and personalised images – and all driving customers to their personalised websites. All nicely timed for the start of the new season.

The cool bit for me is that on the site there’s a great tool for delivering online personalised UK football fixtures. The generic landing page, collects details about you and your club, along with a shirt number and then presents you back your own personalised RURL which not only contains the club fixtures of your chosen club but also a personalised image of your shirt. This is done quickly and with great effect.

What is also very nice is that they haven’t stopped there – Alphagraphics and Sky have also implemented a viral element to the campaign which is integrated into the primary campaign. If you click on refer-a-friend you are asked for a friends details and their email address. Again a personalised email is created, incorporating a personalised image and sent to the recipient.

It would’ve been outstanding if the refer-a-friend element of the campaign was directly linked to the original landing page – so that it knew that I was referring a friend; and therefore not asking me to re-enter my own details. […]

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