#325 – Drupa Day 8 – Goodbye Dusseldorf

Well, my final day in Drupa today, and probably the busiest day of the lot with a mass influx of the British customers. Following happy hour on the Xerox stand, and the show closing it was then off on the journey home.

Now, sat back in my own home enjoying the comfort of a real carpet under my feet and a McDonalds for tea ;)

Well, that’s Drupa 2012 over and done for me, now I get the pleasure of the OFSTED school inspection team for the next two days whilst trying to catch up with work.

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#324 – Drupa Day 7 – The XMPie Team

My penultimate day in Germany at Drupa today, only one full day to go. Everything on the stand is running great and the team are doing and fantastic job keeping everyone that comes on filled up on XMPie knowledge and opportunities.

We took the opportunity to grab a team photo this morning whilst the vast majority of the team were around.

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#323 – Drupa Day 6

Day 6 and not long to go now. I feel bad for those of the team that are out for the duration, but glad be be heading home soon. Tomorrow is looking like it will be a lot busier, so grabbed an early night. Just a shame that I am now wide awake and blogging!

Anyway, one of the busiest places On the stand is the theatre, where we are running presentations every half a hour. Sometimes it’s standing room only, but the best thing in the theatre are the funky seats that light up.

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#322 – Drupa Day 5

Day 5 and another day at the Messe with Drupa 2012, but tonight show the XMPie out for the team meal. Whilst I would love to share some photos from their, I thought that I would share a rare photo of me instead! Apologies.

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#321 – Drupa Day 4 – Xerox

Day 3 of the show, and Day 4 of my visit. Not many UK customers to talk to today – but then those sensible ones would’ve realized that it’s a bank holiday weekend, and stayed with their families! Still busy though, and my feet are now reaching their pain threshold!

I did however manage to breach the VIP lounge up above the Xerox stand and take this picture during the day, before being escorted off the premises ;-)

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#320 – Drupa Day 3 – Cirque du Soleil

Day two of Drupa 2012, and Day 3 of my trip to Germany. A tough start to the day, and then a busy day on the stand. I have to say that the software being presented on the stand is pulling in the crowds and generating a fair bit of interest; which is always a bonus as it creates a buzz of excitement.

There’s always a welcome break on the Xerox stand with the Touring Cirque du Soleil troupe performing on the stand, complete with live singers, acrobats, and dancers. Mind you after the same show three times a day every day I think that we might know all the moves by the end. I just want a go on the trampolines embedded into the stage! They look cool.

Tonight was a purposely a quiet night, after two previously hectic nights. Recharging for the surge of crowds tomorrow as the weekend hits and giving my feet (and me) a chance to recoup.

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#319 – Drupa Day 2

Well day two of Drupa over here in Dusseldorf and day one of the show. We had the crowds today on the XMPie stand with a good mixture of existing customers and prospective customers. Typically, as anyone that has lived these shows knows – breaks are infrequent and time to actually catch up on the rest of your life are even less frequent, and today was no surprise!

If the show wasn’t busy enough I  was then was invited to the Xerox Premier Partner evening which didn’t allow for any change of clothes or break in conversation – we were bused direct into the Classic Remise in Dusseldorf for the evening!

It’s midnight and I think that I can finally switch off from talking business, which is a shame as I have missed out on other conversations that I would’ve liked to have had.

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#318 – Drupa Day 1

Well, a God early wake up this morning – help by a variation of alarm clocks put my on my path to Drupa, over in Germany. A full day on the XMPie stand, whilst the setup was in full swing then followed – but at least I was able to get some work done and some calls made.

This all climaxed in a two hour staff briefing on the stand – which, as you can see from the photo was fully enjoyed by everyone. I think that everyone just wants to crack on and get on with it all now

Although an early night was planned, an evening out with a customer put pay to that plan. Lovely meal out (except for the Sushi, which I have still to acquire a taste for!) followed by a ‘few’ drinks has left me seeing the early hours of the morning.

7 days of this, and I may well be fit for nothing!

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