#269 – Doing what I do

Today was a day of doing what I do – present and become evangelistic about XMPie. For those that saw yesterdays post about Meccano, you can see the completed project stood proud in the background (small huh?). Had several presentations scheduled in during the day and a number of ad-hoc conversations in between. Ground Hog day tomorrow though, as we do the same thing all over again.

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#268 – Big Boy Meccano

It’s been an interesting day today, with a run South to pick up some goodies, and then back up North to set up for an expo running over the next two and a half days. The low point come when trying to construct the ‘pop up’ stand, which is anything is anything other than ‘pop-up’. It’s a bit like big boy’s Meccano, which would be much easier if I had the instructions. Finally managed to get it sorted, so maybe tomorrows photo will be off the completed product!

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#160 – Good Food Show #bbcgfs

Took a trip down to the NEC today to experience the Good Food Show, as a treat with Rachael. Lots of walking around, tasting the food and wine and getting some shots of the celebs. Mind you by 4pm my legs were killing and I could’ve quite happily collapsed on the floor like these gals!

Anyway – more photo from The Good Food Show today…

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#134 – MediaPro Monday

Today, see’s me down in Kensington, London setting up for MediaPro 2012 Expo. Well, I say ‘setting up’, but by the time I arrived the vast majority of ‘setting up’ had been done. I was just adding the final touches. Regardless we were still there until late – before grabbing some dinner and chatting through the plan for the show. More from the floor tomorrow.


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