#210 – Feet up time

It’s been a relatively quite day today. We had the obliqitory 2 hours session trying to get the kids homework done, which is always fun. Then we took a trip into town to pick up some bits and pieces, followed by tea at home, baths, and TV. Now, my feet are up and staying put. Time to trawl the hard drive, find a film and stream it to the TV ;-)

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#90 – Time to put your feet up

It’s Friday, and the weekend is here! Mind you I was struggling for inspiration today, and when i asked my colleague (Tim Perrett), “What should my picture me?” the reply was “Your Feet!”. So in the absence of anything else, I took a shot of my feet! Got a problem with that? Blame Tim!

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#28 – Feet Up

Finally – I’ve managed to sit down and put my feet up! After a week travelling, it was great to get back home and be with the ones that I love again. Unfortunately the camera has been sat in the bag since I got back, so not a lot to show today. With my feet up it was enough to reach over grab the camera and the laptop and snap the first thing that came to sight!

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