#349 – Early morning flowers

Had the kids jumping up and down on me in bed this morning demanded to organise the bank holiday weekend activities. Suffice to say that I was up early then and sorting stuff out. So at the same time I took the opportunity to grab a few shots of the flowers whilst the rain drops were still there.

Today’s been a quiet day, with the kids, and chatting with friends. The rest of the weekend has been planned out, and tomorrow is going to be busy!

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#337 – Injection of colour

Well the sun is out today, which makes a nice change and typical now that the weekend is over. Looking back on my photos for the past few days I thought that I ought to inject some colour into the proceedings, so took advantage of the sun on my small garden and captured these flowers in bloom. Thought that flowers might also cheer up my little sister (Hannah) and mate (Roz) who seem to suffering today as well.

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#262 – Something loves the weather

Well, it’s a wet, cold and miserable day here at the home office. Glad that I am indoors with the heating on if I am honest. Anyway, I thought that I would get the photo out of the way early today, or at least get a photo in before it got dark again on me.

I enjoy taking photos when it’s been raining, everything takes on a different appearance – glistening. The one thing that seems to be enjoying this horrid weather are the plants that I bedded in at the weekend. Firstly they are still alive, and secondly seemingly doing well. Bonus!

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#258 – I will have colour in the garden

OK, after almost of year in this house, and not venturing into a garden centre for over 2 years I thought that it was about time! So today I decided that it was about time to inject some colour into the garden, and hit the garden centre! My normal rule of garden still applies: buy loads of different flowers and shrubs, then plant, if it survives add more!

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#206 – Green Fingers

Well it’s nearly been 200 days since I last took a photo of the flowers that I brought at Ikea. 200 days, and they are flowering again! Normally this wouldn’t be such a big thing, however with this project it provides a great mechanism to reflect and look back. Anyone that knows me will also know that me and flowers don’t have a great history, I normally wait for them to die and then buy some more.

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#69 – More fun in the sun

More fun in the sun today, at the villa by the pool. I’ve enough photos of the kids playing in the pool so I went off to find another composition for today’s photo.

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#67 – 32 Degrees in the shade

Phew, another hot day in the sun! 32 degrees in the shade today by the pool at the villa. After the heat of the beach yesterday, and in preparation of the water park tomorrow we decided on another day by the pool today.

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#10 – Double figures for me and the flowers

Well, 10 days in and going strong. I haven’t missed a day yet, or had to retrospectively post for a day forgotten – this is an achievement. What is another achievement (in my eyes, and those that know me!) is the fact that I have managed to sustain a purchased plant’s life for more than a week! This shot is of a plant that brought some several months ago, and is still alive and in bloom. I have actually checked it on more than several occasions to make sure that it is not plastic!

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