#17 – Overseal Nature Area

Went out quickly this morning on an errand to take some shots of the Overseal Nature Area, just to the side of the local Primary School. It’s amazing what can hide behind a traditional wooden gate. I can’t say that I had ever ventured over there before. It’s actually about an acre of land that has been used by the local Parish Council and the local Primary School for many years now as a Nature area. Numerous trees have been donated and planted in the area and left to mature. Why the interest now? Well the County Council is planning on selling off the land by auction later in the year, so time to rally around and try and prevent that from happening.

I captured several shots, of which I will post more on the Overseal website at a later time, but I liked this one.

UPDATE: I have now add the additional shots and more information about the Nature Area on the Overseal Village website.

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