#132 – Starbucks and Spending

Today saw the return of the almost monthly visit to Ikea! This time for Rachael to stock up on some bits and pieces – I was simply the driver! So, would someone please explain to me how I managed to leave having spent more money!?! I only purchased a few lights and a coffee table!

Starbucks was a much needed stop, although I not as impressed with them these days, over priced and a tad on the pretentious side.

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#92 – Seeing Read with Ikea

I love Ikea’s stuff, I have enough of it in my house. I also find their stuff good quality and sturdy – and for the most part it’s easy to put together. However it does upset me when you buy something from Ikea and what seems like one of the key components is not included. I don’t mean that it was missing, it was never supposed to be there in the first place! Take this light shade for example, looks great, but should be hanging about 100cm lower! However the only way that it would hang 100cm lower would be if the wire and components that were included are hanging from a hook in the ceiling. The hook in the ceiling seems like the linchpin in the instructions, but was never included in the packaging – so it’s hanging 100cm higher for now – until I purchase a hook! Argh!

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