#363 – Remembering Great Granny Smith

Today was a quiet day, for various reasons, but none-the-less spent with the kids which was great. After a lazy morning I sat the kids down to explain to them that their late Great Granny Smith had left them a bit of money to spend on something that they wanted. After much excited deliberation and discussion decisions were partially made and we headed off to Toys-r-us to see what we could find. Was fun watching them both run off in separate directions, on some sort of mad trolley dash. After a short while decisions had been made and both were sporting beaming smiles.

Tilly jumping up and down with a new iPod Touch and Josh with a stunt scooter and some Hex Bugs.

Personally, I was hoping to stay out and get some food, but alas I hadn’t banked on two excited children wanting to get home to play. Never mind, home it was, upon where Hex Bug where over-running the floor, and dad was having near-death experiences on a stunt scooter. Tilly on the other hand was quiet as a mouse, only lifting up her head to start a sentence with, “Dad, how do I ….”. Bless her.

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#348 – Brave Little Girl – Shame about Dad!

Working at home today, but then had the kids from school, and an appointment at the dentists for us all! All was fine for Josh, other than a telling off for not brushing properly. Tilly on the other hand was suffering with an adult tooth coming through whilst her baby tooth was still firmly in place. Given the choice of leaving it and seeing if it would work itself loose or having the dentist remove it there and then; Tilly shocked us all by asking for it to be removed! (Later admitting that she wanted to be able to eat her pizza properly, and without pain!)

The dentist then tried some numbing gel; which had little effect before telling Tilly he was going to ‘squirt” some ‘juice’ on her tooth. She was fine, however Dad was not as he soon realised that the ‘juice’ was anesthetic and the squirting was being done by a needle. This would’ve been OK had Dad not had a ‘thing’ against needles!

Luckily I managed to remain upright whilst her tooth was removed, and she left the room – a very brave girl. Only then did things get very warm, dizzy and light-headed! The dentist was slightly bemused, but then it was soon explained. The only advantage was that the dentist thought it best to delay the work that I needed doing until another date!

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#343 – Football will never be the same

Another glorious day in the sunshine today, spent catching up on various things, visiting friends and playing with the kids at the park before sweating several pints at the swimming pool. What added some humour to the day was watching Josh and his mates in the football cage devising, what seemed to be a new breed of sport. To say that the rules seemed overly complex would be an understatement of the highest order. There were rules for who could do what, when, and where and that certain actions could only be performed in certain places by people – and that others were somehow ‘void’.

I previously thought that Austrian Football was the weirdest sport – by this took the prize.

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#164 – Professional Photography – My Arse!

Josh and Tilly supposedly had their photograph taken at school a few weeks ago. However I beg to differ with the assumption that this was done by a professional for two reasons. Firstly the photos that we got back seemed badly cropped, with really washed out colours. Secondly, as I decided not to purchase the prints, but the digital image itself, I was expecting a reasonably high resolution image. Alas I was shipped a CD with a single 72dpi image on, taking up a whole 670KB with no embedded info!

Now, I know that I can easily chew up a good 7MB with a high-resolution JPG so I am not best impressed with what you get for £20 these days!

Anyway, after an hour in PhotoShop I believe that I have done the best that I can with what I was supplied. Unfortunately there’s little that I can do about their appearance (bless) but at least they look a bit more human, and have some colour in their cheeks.

Compare the before and after, and see what you think.



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#140 – A sight never to be seen again.

It’s not often that your kids ‘actually’ offer to help around the house and in most cases when it’s happened before it’s normally followed by a bartering session about what it’s ‘worth’! However Josh shocked me today by requesting to do some ironing and not following it up with a request for money! It was actually to support his ‘home help’ badge for scouts – but none the less, I should’ve been welcoming it with open arms … instead the thought of my 10 year old with an iron in his hand and one of my shirts at his mercy was not a comforting thought.

I don’t recall a health and safety briefing from my parents when I first picked up an iron, but there was certainly one today. More for the safety of my clothes opposed to Josh I believe ;-) Bless him, he did alright! I confess I post-ironed out a few extra creases but it was good. I doubt that I will ever see the sight again, but it was good to see it today.


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