#366 – One for the leap year

Of course this year is a leap year, so although this project finished yesterday I felt that I needed to complete the ‘official’ year and included one for the leap year.

Today has been tough, with the comments of others again hurting those around me – so in times when others threaten those that you care about you keep them close and try and protect them.

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#336 – The Twits

Today was a good day with the kids. Bike ride and evening out to a live performance of Roald Dahl’s, The Twits at Rosliston Forestry Center. The weather wasn’t great but it held out with no rain and the kids enjoyed it immensely. The shot of today  had to be of Tilly’s response to Mr Twit eating worms for his dinner, which was a classic! Following that we had a play in the park before heading home.

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#153 – Josh wants your money!

Josh has gotten into the Children in Need spirit, which for him is pretty good. After finding a pair of Pudsey ears today he’s decided to wear them them for the rest of the weekend to raise some money. Mind you he did start out by asking to keep 50% of the donations, but has decided to hand it all over now. I’m very proud of him as we are out and about tomorrow, and he’s not phased at all. So if any of my followers, havent already donated to this great British cause, and would like to, then please leave a comment for Josh and click on the button below to donate via PayPal.

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#106 – Happy Birthday Joshua

Not so much of a composition today, but a portrait of my kids in tribute of Joshua’s 10th Birthday. I can’t quite believe that it’s been 10 years already but it has. He’s growing up so fast – they both are!


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