#261 – I’ve got a brand new keyboard

Ok, so I know that for those of you that follow my daily exploits you will be, by now fed up of my moaning on about my broken keyboard! But hey, this is the last one, promise.

So after Dell, wanted to charge me £140 for a new (refurbished) keyboard and an engineer to fit it, I decided to gracefully decline! Well, I say gracefully, but I am still chasing them on Twitter for not responding. Shameful customer services, but good products! Anyway £30 and 2 minutes later I am back up and working. Seriously not more than 2 minutes to change the keyboard! I’ve kept the other one I brought (no backlight, and rather tacky) as a spare that I can swap over in the case of an emergency!

So, now I am back up and working – yeah! Nice to be able to type. “the Slippery Shake Slid acroSS the Shiny Surface and went ‘SSSSSSSS'” without having to pause for every S. ;-)

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#256 – Might need a Dell Manual

Well, since my ‘S’ key mysteriously dislodged itself from my keyboard last week I have been ‘S’truggling on. Today, a replacement keyboard arrived that I order from eBay. I have to say that it does not look as good a quality as the original – but then again, look what happened it that!

I have to also say, that it doesn’t look as if it has the LED back lighting in it either, so I might discard that one and try again. Either way, I might be needing to actually read a manual very soon!

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#252 – Broken Keyboard is pi__ing me off!

For some inexplicable reason the ‘S’ key on my keyboard has broken, fallen off and refuses to go back on! This is causing me some issues as you can image!

Fear not though – eBay to the rescue, with a new keyboard on order. Mind you, I should have 4 years on-site support on this laptop, so that’s a task for tomorrow!

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#170 – Christmas Shopping the easy way

Yes, this evening I have been late night Christmas shopping the easy way. No competing with traffic, queues, stuffy shops or parking charges. Nope, I’ve been doing it the easy way – online!

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