#295 – Soft Play Day

Last day with the kids for this long weekend, and a quieter one after all the fun in the past few days. Lot’s of time on the XBOX with the kids this morning before taking them to a local soft play center to run off some energy. Later on Josh cooked a lovely tea, followed by some more XBOX. A great day with the kids.

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#265 – Bike ride

Today was a nice day outside so we decided to take the kids and head out on the bikes. Not been out with them all before, so it was a task with all 5 kids, of varying abilities. Would’ve gotten off to a better start had Tilly’s bike not had a puncture. I managed to replace that inner tube, but only to discover that the object that had caused the issue was still in the tyre! So a second trip to the bike school was called for to replace the replacement. Not a great start.
7 miles later, with everyone shattered it was back home to relax.

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#83 – Super Sniff

I’ve decided that this weekend’s photo are being composed by the kids – Kids Weekend! So, Josh would like to introduce the Internet to ‘Super Sniff’. Sniff has being Joshua’s friend for as long as he’s been alive – a faithful companion. Anyway with a simple whiff of the cape, Sniff miraculously turns into Super Sniff! Protector of the Universe and defender of Joshua’s room.

Tomorrow might be Tilly’s composition, so prepare – the Internet might not be ready for this!

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#57 – Playtime with the kids

Back home, washing in and on, time to play with the kids! Weather is not quite 42 degrees, and there are strange grey things in the sky that I don’t recognise, but great to be back. 7 days until we all depart to Portugal! ;-)

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