#205 – Fixing a roof isn’t as easy as my PC

It’s been a frustrating day today. Intermittent networking issues on my laptop are continuing to cause me problems. However, it seems easy to fix my neighbors roof than it does my laptop, as this chap would prove. He was up and down in a relatively short period of time, whilst my laptop was rebooted more often than he was up and down the ladder.

Alas, he also finished sooner than me, and with more success it would seem. The roof is fixed, but my laptop limps on!

Anyone reading this that is a wiz on TCP/IP issues that would like to suggest a resolution feel free to read and comment.

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#186 – The Laptop is now Closed

That’s it, the laptop is closed. What deals there were have been dealt with and the emails have been cleared down. Christmas has officially started now folks. To those that are reading this, “A very Merry Christmas to you and your families”. Two more sleeps to Santa…

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#143 – Dark Wednesday

Today was another day with Xerox and their customers at Winnersh. My prepared 10 minute presentation, including a 5 minute fast-paced-interactive session on XMPie’s technology seemed to go down well, and I have to say that I enjoyed it as well. It’s great when technology, presentations and content mix effortless together. My iPad WIFI signal held up, my iPhone managed to remote control the iPad successfully, the dynamic QR Codes all worked, as did the dynamic websites, my Bose Speaker managed to rumble the audience through the personalised video, and it all fitted within time!

I finally made it home, just in time to pick the kids up – and ended up working all night! Expenses, Mileage details and preparation for presentations tomorrow were all waiting for me. I decided to decamp the office downstairs to the lounge table! So here you have it ….. Dark Wednesday. I’ve been up since 5:30, it’s 23:30 and I am still working. Not good.


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#31 – Not quite feeling all there today

Ever get that feeling that things are happening without you? First day back into it after last week’s travels and feeling pretty below-par health-wise today. Thought that this composition seemed ideal for today. It also gave me a chance to test out a few methods inside Photoshop to create a levitation effect.

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#11 – The Blue Screen of Time Wasting

Today has been a bit of a wash-out productivity wise! Seems like I have an intermittent issue with my email on my work’s laptop, which doesn’t help when you have a busy day. So, uninstalling, configuring, testing, installing service packs and remote diagnostic sessions ensued for most of the day. So quite obviously I haven’t been far from the laptop today, so here’s what I have been looking at for most of the day!

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