#242 – Night Driving Lights

Long day and a long drive today. Managed to get home quite late, but stopped for a quick picture before reaching home. This is quite representative of what my mind was seeing as I was driving along – one long blur of lights!

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#223 – Disco Lights

Tonight was the annual awards night for the Swadlincote Dolphins, Josh and Tilly’s swimming club. Josh picked up a trophy for 3rd place in the 10 and under, whilst Tilly picked up a medal for her participation.

The evening always ends with a disco which the kids really enjoy. So rather than posting a picture of the two of them, which wasn’t as good as the professional photographers there, I opted for something more abstract, the disco lights!

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#112 – Ever Decreasing Circles

Late in the day today, and no shot to my credit still  – so a run around with the camera was required, shooting from the hip to see what came out! Manage to capture this abstract shoot, which after a little cropping and tweaking I settled on.

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